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Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Predicts Trump 'Will Not Serve Out This Term. I Guarantee It.'


Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Predicts Trump 'Will Not Serve Out This Term. I Guarantee It.'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"This president will not serve out this term. I guarantee it," declared Michael Avenatti on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" early Thursday, following damning remarks made by President Donald Trump's recently hired attorney, Rudy Giuliani.


What does it say about this country that war crimes, envirocide, grand theft tax laws, and the ongoing disaster that is post-hurricane Puerto Rico, to name a few, aren’t enough to dislodge this organism from the Oval Office, but, as with his predecessor Wm. Jefferson “Billy Cigars” Clinton, he might be impeached for a zipper problem?

Seriously, WTF??


Trump has lied his way to his legacy.

Only those of weak moral and ethical character will ever support such a con man.

I for one agree with Stormy Daniels’ lawyer.


Cutting short Trump’s first term solves nothing and gives us theocrat Pence, perhaps a lesser evil, but certainly a more effective evil.

We don’t have a Trump problem, we have a money in politics problem that will better be solved by undermining Trump…taking out as many of his key henchmen (Pence for example) as possible.

Trump is but one of many symptoms of a very big problem.


Most legal experts, at the time of the Clinton Impeachment, did not think the Monica Lewinsky matter was an impeachable offense, even lying about it. There was no way the Senate, at that time, was going to convict Clinton, and it didn’t. I have no doubt that the House could pass articles of impeachment, but it better have more than the Stormy Affair to convince a requisite number of Senators.


Yeah, but not the way you think. I think we’re going to have our first Presidential death by natural causes since 1945, before 2020. The lie that Donnie is in great health will become apparent when he goes out like Elvis - sitting on his “throne” engaging in his morning Tweet-storm.


Hey…hows about we give him the Piece Prize?


Alan Dershowitz on this matter:


I believe dullard Drumpf will serve out his term, he has the entire rabid dogs all encompassing police state behind him. Now blaming Iran for the 9-11 inside job while Israel trains the US police to treat Americans like Israel does the Palestinians. We have become prisoners in America, always have been except since 9-11 freedom of speech is now being slammed as a threat to fascist rule. Nothing evident slowing these actions down as the fleecing intensifies.


whatever it takes


I think you mean non-ethical character n’est pas?


What it says is that pretty much everybody is okay with the status quo (I guess…).



i.e. “weak moral ‘and’ ethical character.”


Dershowitz made his bed as a dishonest hack already, likely because he supports Trump’s efforts against Iran and the nuclear deal. Oh, and the blind eye he turns to, if not appreciation he shows for, what is happening in Gaza.


Right. Sorry when I first read it I didn’t put the weak with the ethical. English can be bloody confusing at times. Bonne journee a toi.


Interesting the video was removed. Shot himself in the foot.


Et a vous aussi.


If they want to impeach Trump, I’ll furnish the rotten peaches!!!

I am the same age as Trump, 71 years old. I lived through Watergate and Nixon getting impeached. The only difference with Trump is hackers were breaking into the Democratic headquarters computer files where as in Watergate the stuff they were stealing were hard copy files. The Nixon case needs to set the precedent for the Trump case.

In this case I would agree with Trump junior, that the Trump election team was involved in “collusion” with the Russians and that seems to be a very clear issue. Trump has a more compelling case for impeachment than Nixon.


He will not be impeached over the Stormy Daniels issue. Period.