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Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather

Christopher Brauchli

A sekret ceases tew be a sekret if it iz once confided. . . .
— Josh Billings: His Sayings

From time to time, legal issues are presented by what in grade school would have been referred to as “current events.” And it is current events that have given rise to a number of inquiries from readers asking me to explain “confidentiality agreements.”


For the life of me, I couldn’t fathom why Stormy Daniels would spend a moment with Little Donnie. Recently, I learned from the Seattle Times that she is on a coast-to-coast tour of strip clubs called the “Make America Horny Again” tour (I am not making this up). She’s making lots of money. So, when she boinked Trump, she was perhaps expecting to be able to cash in at some point? It would appear that the President of the United States of America has been outwitted and outplayed by a porn star. The only question I have is, how many times has this happened?

Your comment is correct, however its more than that…Trump is into some sadistic, cruel sick sex because of his little member. Stormy has those truths and it wasnt one boink it was many…we dont know what he paid her and (others) if there was an orgy…this could be the story that brings this traitor, conman, head of an international criminal cartel, and his entire family is involved. He is indeed running our country like he did his business…bankruptcy…he is morally and financially bankrupt. Putin knows more about him than Mueller.

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Frankly, I’m stunned. I did realize the NDA was signed ten years after the events at issue and five years after Ms. Clifford talked about them in an interview. How could the NDA possibly be valid?

Or even relevant? But this is what little Donny and his contingent of junkyard dogs (his lawyers) have always done - use lawsuits to pummel those that oppose him to a financial pulp. It’s worked in the past because he always goes after those with less deep pockets than himself. Now, Stormy Daniels’ purse is far less large than her pulchritude, but there are many with deep pockets that will use her as a convenient and timely weapon, so little Donny may just have to suffer through this one.

Will it matter? Did the real video of little Donny admitting to pussy-grabbing and all sorts of sexual assault that are the spoils of his wealth and celebrity make any difference? Stay tuned America, inquiring minds want to know.

Trump allegedly promised Stormy a slot on ‘The Apprentice.’

Which turned out be just another lie in an endless stream of lies.
And in this day and age, lying apparently has zero consequences.

Do you mean “Caligula”?

Brauchli’s columns usually make sense, but I think his attempts to be flippant make this one a mess.

His analogy of an NDA between two criminal conspirators seems an odd one. I would think that it would hold all the integrity of the Nazi-Soviet Pact (oh, dear–have I gone Godwin?). And when he writes, “She is quite discrete which is why she is known publicly only as ‘Tempest,’” I think he means “discreet,” meaning prudent and unobtrusive, and not “discrete,” meaning separate and unrelated. I gave up once he started to unspool the cat out of the bag routine.

That makes sense. Anyway, let’s hope she spanks him again, this time for all to see.

I thought the criminal example was untenable, but I’m not a lawyer, so figured maybe the 5th amendment would allow it to stand. I should have spotted the discreet/discrete confusion, being a former math major. Good eye.

There are so many potential avenues the agreement in question could have taken, that it is hard to know how it was worded with respect to future, rather than prior statements, and why a necessarily limited agreement would be worth $130k, and why she would have signed the agreement without any escape clause knowing the penalties for her would be so high.

It should be an interesting legal case study, but knowing so little beyond the news gossip it’s almost pointless to discuss.

The only question I have is, how many times hasn’t this happened?

Gaius Cassius Longinus
Military commander

Gaius Cassius Longinus was a Roman senator, a leading instigator of the plot to kill Julius Caesar, and the brother in-law of Marcus Junius Brutus. Wikipedia
Born: 87 BC, Rome, Italy
Died: October 3, 42 BC, Philippi
Spouse: Junia Tertia

I’m thinking this will be one of those ‘60 Minutes’ viewing party occasions.

True, but I was thinking along the lines of the Wikipedia page for Caligula: “Philo of Alexandria and Seneca the Younger describe Caligula as an insane emperor who was self-absorbed, angry, killed on a whim, and indulged in too much spending and sex.”

That would be an easier count.

Ah yes, obviously you are far too correct – your description of Caligula fits the prictator to a ‘p’!

I’ve already got the DVR set to record it, and I haven’t watched 60 Minutes in years. Sex scandals seem to be political Kryptonite. Nothing else is working.