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Stormy's Secrets


Stormy's Secrets

Christopher Brauchli

If the law supposes that, the law is a ass—a idiot.
Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist

The law can be confusing, and I am happy to offer an explanation of one legal concept that has confused many readers untutored in its ways. The concept for which I hope to provide clarity is known as “non-disclosure.”


Good handwashing mode treatment by Brauchli - yuppers one again demonstrating Brauchli is definitely good for you.

Yuppers folks we’re talking about the most powerful empire on the planet - Whaaaahahahaa!!!
Yuppers, these fenestrations have pre-‘cursers’

PS - I’m particularly tickled by the fact that it has end credits (I can only hope…)


I’m left with only:



You can’t make this shit up.


Lewinsky at least had the good sense to pretend her encounter was worth reading about before trying to hawk her book.


What? Your aren’t dying to know how small his hands really are?


No matter how bad Trump’s tariffs and other impulsive actions mess up the economy the bottomless pit of material he provides for authors, ghost authors, and others is enabling the publishing industry to keep the economy vibrant no matter how bad other sectors perform.


Stormy must be allowed to keep the $130,000. as compensation for the pain and suffering inflicted on her by Trumps lawyers.


Cohen may have no legal recourse to getting back his (Donald’s) money. If Donald agrees that the agreement was never valid, wouldn’t that make the money a gift? Normally, one would sign a second agreement nullifying the first and undoing the considerations of both parties. But if it were never valid in the first place . . .


All I’m concerned about is the evidence that conclusively proves that the $130k was an undisclosed contribution to the Trump for President Campaign.

That’s not a civil crime, that’s a federal felony.


What exactly is new in this article?


As Mueller has shown, Trump was surrounding himself with felons.

In the near future, when the indictments go out en masse, and the Creepy Porn President, his offspring, and the rest of the swamp creatures begin squirming for their lives, Mr. Mueller may well find his appointment to Special Prosecuter lengthened by several years.