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Straight to Wall Street Fundraiser After Leaving Poor People's Forum, Biden Tells Fat Cat Donors: 'You Guys Are Great'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/18/straight-wall-street-fundraiser-after-leaving-poor-peoples-forum-biden-tells-fat-cat

And here we are at the beginning of the Monster’s Ball –
Trump: they’ve all been bought!


After his deceitful performance at the Poor People’s Campaign forum, “Biden went straight to a Wall Street fundraiser in New York City where he solicited donations from, among others, a pro-Trump billionaire.”

I guess this is what Wall Street Joe means by “working across the aisle” - many of us know it means betrayal, just like his entire career in politics has been.

The only question is how do we work to get past the power of money, a corrupted media, and neo-liberal DINO party establishment dictating the future and support a candidate actually working for the Common Good and just society?


If the Democrats want a" Hypocrite in Chief" - they’ve got one with Biden. Yea, he’s somewhat better than Trump (who isn’t?) but that’s not what we need. We need someone who is going to reform things and get us on the right track. Would never happen with Biden. I will never vote for him.


Yeah, the big money is behind Biden the Creepy. So what? Are we impressed yet that he raked in 20 mil? Doesn’t mean we have to vote for this sell out… but too many will as they keep electing the same crooks over and over and don’t understand why nothing seems … Right or ever gets better.


Universal law should not allow Biden to be in the same vicinity of the word “revolution”.

Please tell me I’m going to wake up from this fucking nightmare.


What a POS this guy is.

Status Quo Joe


Just like Hilary’s playbook. Remember when she left the nominating convention in 2016 (she did wait to the end) to go directly to a rich people’s gathering, Wall Street infested. Right out in front of us all and without one little teensie tiny sense of irony. Not even an “oops.”
Not many of these crooks aren’t owned from the get go. They want “the job,” not the work of the people who think they are electing them.


Mr. Biden, as he often is, is only almost right when he says, “The fact of the matter is, if we can’t get a consensus, nothing happens except the abuse of power by the executive branch. Zero.” The truth of the matter is, if we seek only consensus with the Republican party of today, nothing happens except abuse of power. The Obama Administration was the bridge offered to consensus, but now, too much has been lost and damaged to try using that bridge, it now leads only to suicide of civilization. The path towards genuine progress will remain open to all who accept their responsibilities and seek opportunities on this path to meaningful survival on a livable planet.


i hate this mother fucker so much if the DNC nominates him im voting for drump.

sick of these democrat corporate assholes that refuse to change


Biden thinks he’s being “realistic” when he says that we have to work with the Republicans or nothing will happen “except abuse of power by the executive branch,” and that the alternative to his “realism” is either “all go home” or “start a real, physical revolution.”

He does not include the possibility of just standing up to the Republicans with strong principles worth fighting for. Either work with them, give up completely, or start shooting.

Biden is bullshitting. His framework just exposes the fact that he has no strong principles worth fighting for. Many voters are bamboozled into the same limited “realism.”

But his claims are blatantly “unrealistic.” Because the world is literally “on the brink” in ways it truly never has been before, and if we do not CHANGE DIRECTION SWIFTLY, in fundamental ways, then we will continue accelerating on our path toward absolute ecological, climate, and civilizational catastrophe. There are not many steps left on that path before we reach our destination.

Biden’s “realism” just continues on the path to catastrophe.


If Biden catches the brass ring, vote for Bernie, or Warren; and if you don’t like any of the ‘democrats’ running then write-in “none of the above,” or write-in Chelsea Manning, or anyone that you think is an honorable person (dead or alive); but please for the good of what’s left of this country, don’t vote for the trumptard just to rebel against Biden.


Joe Biden was the PERFECT V.P. for Barack “I’m the only one between you and the pitchforks” (said to the Wall St. Banksters who tanked the economy) Obomber. Both were solidly in the Banksters’ pockets.

The assholes who run the DemocRAT Party will engineer a Biden nomination, just as they did Hillary’s, and then pretend to be surprised at the low voter turnout and the sociopathic idiot Trump’s re-election.


This guy is a typical political whore. I would be afraid to turn my back on him, let alone vote for him. He’s been in politics on the gravy train too long.and is in the pocket of the DNC or whoever is the highest bidder.


The funny thing is, the Republicans don’t pretend, which is all it is, to have these delusions. They realize that actual politics is about power dynamics, Biden does too. Him gaslighting people like this is deplorable. You fight, you push, you apply maximum pressure, if you are a right winger like Biden you get corporate interests and the corporate media to put pressure to do particular policies and you win. Data shows that the rich and powerful win in this system and basically get what they want. Biden knows this, as thick as he is, and he starts negotiations with a far right wing Republican Party from a right wing position on the issues. Not only will the middle position be well to the right of popular opinion, not only will the policy that comes out of that be disastrous, but Biden will basically in that situation do nothing more than provide cover for will amount to destructive right wing policies. He, again, knows this, he pretends that his friends in the Republican Party can discuss this over a beer or whatever knowing damn well that isn’t the case. The fact that he says these things in 2020 should make his entire candidacy DOA.

What you need is someone that starts from a radical leftist position to begin with and then fights like hell and puts maximum pressure, which is then a counter-weight to the far right. With Biden, there is no counter-weight, there is no push in the other direction, there is nothing to go on the offensive with. This horrible dud should be polling at the same level as the silly Hickenlooper types. Anyone that thinks he is a good general election candidate in 2020 is out of their minds, much worse even than the Clinton types in 2020, cause at least now we have no excuse to think in these silly terms. Bernie polls just as well, if not better, than he does versus Trump, so the whole electability thing is out the window as an excuse to support this clown. If you do, you just like his right wing record, you benefit from his right wing policies or you’ve watched way too much CNN.


What a POS. If he gets the nomination, I’m voting Green AGAIN (this will be the third campaign in a row for me) and you will get a lot of Dem voters staying home. I mean, can he really be that stupid? He’s been in politics for his whole fucking life. I’m sure all the jokers enjoyed having a good laugh about “uncle Joe” attending the Poor Peoples Forum.


Vote Green, man. If someone was holding a gun to my head I would be hard pressed to vote for Trump.


No, he knows what he is saying is nonsense. He hopes that the voters, largely older voters, continue to buy into the framing they see in the media outlets they get most of their information from, CNN, MSNBC and the like. There is no logic to back up his silly thinking on this stuff, and even though he is not too much of a thinker and lives in a bubble, he knows better. He is on the right, he doesn’t want the left winning, and he wants to gaslight us all into the abyss because he doesn’t want the left to win. This isn’t a conspiracy either. Mayor Pete met with people like Neera Tanden, Pelosi and the like recently in their “stop Bernie” dinner. Problem is of course that Mayor Pete has no chance at all, and neither does most anyone else they’d prefer.

Personally, I think Biden is the perfect symbol of this dying neoliberal era. I can think of no better a person for these big money donors and people like Neera Tanden to attach themselves to than Biden. He represents all that is wrong in the system, and I really like the fact that the rest of the horrible people in his party seem to be hitching their sails to him. He’s the best they got, and look at how horrible he is as a candidate and as a person. If he’s the best they got, who are the mediocre alternatives? Right now, they’re polling at 4% or whatever. So, it’s likely Biden or nothing.


If he keeps this up, I’d like to think it’s gonna make it hard for the corpress to continue to pimp him

Then I remember that this is the good ol’ US and A, and there is no manufacturing crisis when it comes to consent.


He’s been dropping in the polls steadily, if slowly. I’m waiting for the debates and watch his polling after he sticks his foot in his mouth (again). Sanders can burn him down without even mentioning him by name. If he does get the nomination it will be a Clinton redux and we will be fucked if Trump gets elected again. Looks like he’s gonna start a war with Iran so he can be a “war President”. Hell, at this point I would “settle” for Harris, hopefully she would be somewhat better than Biden.