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'Straight-Up Cruel': Trump Admin Condemned for Canceling Education, Recreation, and Legal Services for Detained Migrant Children

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/05/straight-cruel-trump-admin-condemned-canceling-education-recreation-and-legal


“What’s next? Drinking water? Food? …Where are they going to stop?”

They will never stop, ever! We, as responsible human beings, as responsible global citizens have to stop them! there is no knight in shining armor to do the dirty work for us. If we do not stop them with extreme and decisive force, there will be absolutely no end to their evil. Ever! The real question is not when they will stop, its when will we, as Americans, begin to care enough to stop them?


Will this be too much for Nancy? Nah, she wasn’t that moved regarding serving up justice for the war criminal Bush and heinous acts like torture. She has bigger fish to fry.


god they are scum in Washington.

Nancy / Chuck WHAT are you doing about this evil?


The American Friends Service Committee is launching a week of awareness to
Sign the petition: Close the Homestead Child Detention Center!

A set of actions to take and share … Here is the text AFSC sent out yesterday:

Please help us increase the pressure on the federal government to close Homestead detention center for good – and to stop detaining children!

1. Help us reach 100,000 signatures on our petition.
We’re delivering the petition to the federal government in Washington, D.C. next Wednesday, June 12. Make sure you’ve signed and ask your family and friends to join you by sharing on Facebook and Twitter!

2. Write to Congress.
Tell your members to do everything in their power to end child detention, including supporting bills like the Shut Down Child Prison Camps Act and the Families Not Facilities Act.

3. If you’re an educator who works with children, engage them in our letter-writing campaign to Congress.
The voices of young people are powerful and important – and can help influence elected officials to do what’s right. Download our toolkits for grades K-3 and grades 4 and up.

4. Organize an event for our Week of Action to End Child Detention.
From June 9 to 16, AFSC, partners, and faith groups across the U.S. will take part in actions and events to involve their communities in working to stop child detention. Join our webinar this Thursday, June 6 at 3 p.m. ET/12 noon PT to learn more.

5. Donate to support our work.
Your gift brings critical resources to communities organizing to protect human rights, end violence and poverty, and overcome injustice in Homestead and beyond.

Thank you for joining us in taking steps to shut down Homestead detention center and end child detention.


“Where are they going to stop?” It’s quite clear where they are going. The USA is about to face a profound test.


The adolescent Guantanamo-Light Prisons are part of Trump’s portfolio of “my sick idea(s)” and is treating these refugee children as less-than-human.

This is clearly state-sponsored child abuse.


I suppose that The Terrible Trumpism Act —foisted upon the children of the world — will stop when America stops bombing children in the ME – or when too many American kids die from starvation—or measles. OR if someone grabs Theo, the grandchild and hurries him away to one of these children’s border prisons and then makes Ivanka play “Where’s Waldo” to find him-----or maybe not---- this is America—Land of the Tyrants, and unless the children come with trust funds —there is just no space for children in America anymore. : 0


President Obrador of Mexico:

Mexico City, May 30, 2019

President Donald Trump,

I am aware of your latest position in regard to Mexico. In advance, I express to you that I don’t want confrontation. The peoples and nations that we represent deserve that we resort to dialogue and act with prudence and responsibility, in the face of any conflict in our relations, serious as it may be.

The greatest President of Mexico, Benito Juárez, maintained excellent relations with the Republican hero, Abraham Lincoln. Later, when Mexico nationalized its oil resources and industry, Democratic President Franklin D, Roosevelt understood the profound reasons that led our patriotic President Lázaro Cárdenas to act in favor of our sovereignty. By the way, President Roosevelt was a titan of freedom who proclaimed the four fundamental rights of man: the right to freedom of speech; the right to freedom of religion; the right to live free from fear; and the right to live free from misery.

With this in mind, we frame our policy on immigration. Human beings do not leave their villages for pleasure but out of necessity. That’s why, from the beginning of my government, I proposed opting for cooperation in development and aid for the Central American countries with productive investments to create jobs and resolve this painful situation.

You also know that we are fulfilling our responsibility to prevent, as much as possible and without violating human rights, any passage of the persons concerned through our country. It is worth remembering that - in a short time, Mexicans will not need to go to the United States and that migration will be optional, not forced. This is because we are fighting, like never before, the main problem in Mexico, corruption. And, in this way, our country will attain a powerful social dimension. Our countrymen will be able to work and be happy where they were born, where their families, their customs and their cultures are.

President Trump, social problems are not resolved by tariffs or coercive measures like turning a neighboring country overnight into a ghetto, an enclosed place for the migrants of the world, where they’re stigmatized, abused, persecuted, and excluded and the right to justice is denied to those who seek to work and to live free from want. The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol.

With all due respect, although you have the sovereign right to say it, the slogan “United States First” is a fallacy because universal justice and fraternity will prevail until the end of time, even over national borders.

Specifically, citizen President, I propose to deepen our dialogue, and seek alternatives to the immigration problem. And, please remember that I do not lack courage, that I am not cowardly or timorous, but that I act on principles. I believe that politics was invented to avoid confrontation and war, among other things. I do not believe in the Law of Talon, in a ‘tooth for a tooth’ or an ‘eye for an eye’ because, if we practiced it, we would all be toothless and one-eyed. I believe that as statesmen and even more so as patriots, we are obliged to seek peaceful solutions to controversies and to practice the beautiful ideal of non-violence, forever.

Finally, I suggest that you instruct your officials, if it doesn’t cause any inconvenience. that they attend to representatives of our government, headed by the Secretary of Foreign Relations, who will be in Washington tomorrow to reach an agreement for the benefit of our two nations.

*Nothing by force. Everything by reason and human rights. *

Your friend,

*Andrés Manuel López Obrador *

President of México


How is this behavior not criminal under any system?

How is this not child abuse of the most vulnerable by a depraved malignant narcissist and his ICE goons? A figure obsessed with his own ego and mental illness at the expense of all others!

How is politics as usual. from the “opposition party” elite leadership not complicity? Or for that matter any “conservative” or Republican?

We are witnessing the destruction of human rights and the rule of law ; a descent into utter depraved indifference to the lives of others, in our names!

Everything that was fought-for in Normandy with so many dead is being destroyed by a person not worth their spit, who himself never served.

.The- Constitution and Bill of Rights made a mockery and human empathy stood on its head by an evil, corrupt, pathological liar and astonishingly ignorant, pathetic excuse for a human being, and so many in positions of power and responsibility either overtly support his malignancy or do so thru their silence. Silence IS complicity and just as guilty!

The time for waffling is long past; there is no excuse for silence from any person with any shred of conscience, empathy, integrity, or honor.


Thanks for this, old goat, I won’t be able to do everything on this list, but I’ll do some.


From the article:

Office of Refugee Resettlement had begun discontinuing the funding for activities deemed "not directly necessary for the protection of life and safety–if this was true, why then have there been deaths of these kids in US custody?

Trump is clearly appealing to his base, impoverished, ignorant and angry. A book brought to my attention may be worth the reading: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/26/books/review/white-trash-by-nancy-isenberg.html


Low funds? They have plenty of money for walls.


What Trump has clearly done is resurrected some of the worst elements in the people of the US. The US was settled by Europe’s white trash who came here with desires of striking it rich and they did not give a damn about how many Native and Black folks suffered.

The separation of families has a long history going back to the days of overt slavery and the absurdity of making the distinction of “legal” and “illegal” migration when the US forced Africans to "migrate across the Atlantic and soon after forced migration of African and African-American slaves from the Old South to the southwest. These slave drivers make up a good deal of Trump’s base and I am convinced he completely identifies with them–just look at his obvious ignorance and his own pedigree.


My sense is that, as the right puts out its messages and the mainstream media repeats them, more folk falling for the message that:

We need to take care of our own people before we do anything for ‘non-Americans’.

Even in progressive circles, I’ve heard similar.

Activists and artists, such as Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela are challenging the false social construct of national borders and differing entitlement to rights:



Did we the people resign from civilization. Compassion and shared humanity have become obsolete.Trump,s people have crossed over the line into child abuser. Of course many of his friends are know as pedophiles.


They will stop only when they are stopped. That is how it has always been when tyrants are in power.


Bingo! Until the “externalized” sectors of humanity are recognized PRECISELY as being the sacrificial ‘margin’ that has been extracted from the start, we will go around in circles. And the PTB know it damn good and well.
Thank you for the link.


…and wars…and taking the entire Trump crime family to England


Where are the Democrats? Oh, the Russians did it!

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