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'Straight-Up Swampy': Trump to Headline $580,600-Per-Couple Reelection Fundraiser at Home of Billionaire

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/14/straight-swampy-trump-headline-580600-couple-reelection-fundraiser-home-billionaire

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We need to hire John Wick!


Trumpism = one dollar, one vote
That ain’t the America that I want

“This land is your land,
this land is my land…”

[Don’t forget the guitar’s inscription:
“This machine kills fascists”]


Playing to his base the haves and have mores


Right, his real base!

Unlike Bloomberg, Trump can’t self-fund 'caus he ain’t got no money. So he bilks suckers to pay for it for him. Trump the flim-flam man.


The only thing being drained is the health and well-being of the American people.


Why pay John Wick to do what millions of us would do for free?


Reminds me of the Hillary joke:

Big traffic jam on the freeway. Guy walks around talking to the drivers.
One driver asks: “what’s going on?”,
" Terrorists kidnapped Hillary and threaten to douse her in gasoline and set her on fire if we don’t pay the ransom. We’re taking donations". “How much are people giving?”
“About 2-3 gallons each…”


Bloomberg spent twice as much as the Repubs collected in January.

I don’t see where money is going to decide the 2020 outcome.

Well, if I were a betting kind of gal I would hazard a guess as to where all this $$$$$$$ is going; to the rethuglicon complicit collaborators in the senate, i.e. campaign hush bucks.


These Super Rich Moguls are only donating a fraction of the money that Trump put in their pockets from the obscene Tax Cuts that we working class paid for.

They will gladly donate money to this Corrupt Thief that has been robbing our Treasury, Stealing our Tax Dollars and sharing the spoils with his Billionaire friends.

This bunch of Greedy Corporate Fascists will do whatever it takes to stop someone like Bernie Sanders from interfering with their Gravy Train.

They have a leader in the White House that will help them keep Wages down for the Working Class and keep Profits high for the Oligarchs.

Reducing Federal Salaries to a 1 percent increase this year is an example of how the Rich keep workers at or below the poverty line to justify their outrageous Tax Cuts.

We need to strengthen our Rebellious Leader at the Ballot Box where Progressives far outnumber the Fascists, as they used to say in Chicago, Vote Early and Vote Often for:



A big chunk of it–maybe most–is for ad buys from the media conglomerates, who are just pleased as punch with Citizens United. Campaign finance reform isn’t a high priority for them.

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Money will not determine the 2020 outcome.

A lack of brain cells will.


The headline should condemn THE SYSTEM, not Trump. The system is broken, remember Iowa" remember the coin tosses, secret speeches, white noise speeches?

It’s the SYSTEM! Bernie 2020

Count me out.

Trump is selling off America and selling out America’s as fast as he can. The rich are sure getting their monies worth with Trump.

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You know, the oligarchy used to at least have the goddamn common courtesy to do this stuff in the shadows. And that’s what worries me about this now. They have become so arrogant that they genuinely don’t believe we will do anything about it.
Let’s prove them wrong.


Is that not the same base (with different social issue agendas sometimes) that Mayor Pete and Uncle Joe share?

Lovely thought, but dangerous to express.