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'Straight-Up Swampy': Trump to Headline $580,600-Per-Couple Reelection Fundraiser at Home of Billionaire

Surely you jest BigB…

The 2020 general election is going to be between Bloomie and tRump. For the 2024 general election, we can have an accounting firm do an audit to determine the real wealth of the ‘candidates’ and declare the richest person running as the next president. Most likely a contest between Bezos and Zuckerberg with them having a coin flip to determine which runs as a Demican and which runs as a Republicrat.

Hopefully the Fat-Cat turds floating at the top of the D.C. cesspool will cancel each other out, but don’t hold your breath!   OTOH, maybe you SHOULD hold your breath — otherwise you’ll be overcome by the stench . . .

“Taking Over”, Nick??   You’re only five or six decades behind the times — the MIC / Big Insurance / Big Oil / Big Pharma oligarchy has been “taking over” since 1963, and has been totally in charge since 1980 at least.

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If the upcoming Presidential debates are between BOO-Berg and agent orange Trump will probably call Bloomberg " shorty" and stand behind him pointing out that he is standing on a box behind the podium and Bloomberg can reply by saying: " I am the only billionaire on this stage"!

Folks: Lincoln said the American government: " shall not perish ". With these two billionaire clowns running for POTUS in 2020; proves to me that president Lincoln was wrong!

One of guesses from 2016 may not happen now until 2024. Back then I mused that Bezo’s would run for POTUS in 2020. Perhaps even Mercer. But Bloomy beat them to it.
If things don’t change dramatically in the next four years, the office of POTUS will be filled heretofore by wealthy men. The two political parties will see themselves as mere conduits for candidates that can self fund their candidacies. It’s why the DNC really wants Bloomberg to win the nomination, as they are out of money, and he can pay for his entire campaign himself.
Scary, ain’t it?

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Teflon Don does not deserve to remain in the U.S.A.

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And a good percentage of his “followers” live in run down trailers in poor southern states AND are on disability. Go fucking figure.

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I hear that Larry Ellison of Oracle is having Trump to his home in California. These billionaires are all in it together and they are against the people united for better. How can anyone ever conceive of Bloomberg as a candidate let alone President? Even in the gilded age we JP Morgan did not dare to run for President. Either the people take control of our government or we are doomed to a type of slavery and poverty that comes from a few extremely wealthy people and the rest of us are struggling to survive - a plantation. While these elites fly around the world on their private jets our fellow citizens are living in tents on the streets of the U.S.

Trump probably told them that he and Jesus tweet each other.

The new american plantation.

It is a thing to chuckle about. Wouldn’t want anyone to think a half million is outrageous, so we will make it “per couple” instead of per person.
And you get a choice between chicken or sloppy joes and chips.


It’s sad that there’s those of us that are projecting only billionaires to choose from in the two corporate war parties.

Very, very sad indeed.

If it does in fact come to that scenario, instead of voting, the American people would better serve future generations by refusing to go to the voting stations.

Anyone that would vote for either of those two, has already surrendered their soul.

[quote=“reader321, post:28, topic:73775, full:true”]
Trump probably told them that he and Jesus tweet each other.
[/quote]I kinda doubt that… well unless Trump uses a very clever and deceptive psudonym.