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Stranding CEOs Too Slow To Quit, Trump Disbands Business Councils

Stranding CEOs Too Slow To Quit, Trump Disbands Business Councils

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump pulled a fast one on business leaders on Wednesday—firing those who were too slow to quit two of his White House business councils after the president's views on a white supremacy rally in Charlottesville became clear.

In his new book “Truth to Power”, Al Gore poses three questions. They are directed at climate change, but they seem as appropriate politically:

“Should we change ?”

“Can we change ?”

“Will we change ?”


I am thinking of some of my heroes - Tenzing, Herzog, Nansen, Tilman, Rebuffat, Slocum …

All escaped to the dangers of the natural world when they could.

Some tried to make the world a better place back at home - in society.

Some thought even the attempt foolish.

Here, embedded in the new Roman Imperium - I’d like to hear some thoughts on this.

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Anyone who aligns with the presidential douche bag in the first place is putting everything moral behind personal advancement. There is no reason what so ever that anyone with even a smidgen or morality would align himself with Donald Trump. The guy is a mentally deranged criminal without a bit of empathy or common sense.


I regard Trump as the devolutionary epitomization of predatory capitalism. Given sufficient experience of ‘there is no there there’, there emerges a natural immune system trigger: accountability. The financialization mafia would like to eat the 99% for lunch. Perhaps they’re beginning to realize that would be a pretty thin broth after the caviare of an entire generation of pensions, college educations, etc…
Greenspan says we’re in for stagflation, a prognosis that there will be no ‘growth’. Interesting how economic sectors just sort of evaporate when the predators have to face down resistance.

boycott monopolies whenever possible
Worker owned companies
local and regional
Fair trade
and no doubt paradigms we’re not yet thinking about.
? cryptocurrencies as book keeping model and trade format?


Mafia Don trying to save face. Too late. It is apparent he is all ass. How to remove the Orange Anus?
I like Article or Amendment 25. An unhinged individual. If Nixon has nuke war making suspended toward the end of his reign. What are the people waiting for? I know it’s not the people, but congress critters. Maybe unlikely or???


Like the petulant child that he is, he took the ball and went home.


When the CEO of walmart is trashing you, you know you’re an a-hole.


This report is NOT accurate! - members of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum voted to disband itself and trump AFTER learning of their done-deal action, not “planning-to”, tweeted that he was ending the group! Ever the ego shite-head!

"In a private phone call late Wednesday morning, CEOs who were part of a strategic council to Trump agreed to disband the group and condemn Trump’s confrontational response to a violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“There really was nothing to debate,” said one member of the Strategic and Policy Forum who described the president’s fiery Tuesday news conference as a “tripwire.”

Shortly after CNBC and others broke the news that the council was disbanding, Trump took to Twitter to say he was ending that forum and another featuring manufacturing leaders."


Thank you–but of course it makes sense, as a narcissist totalitarian child emperor (completely unclothed) he always has to appear in control for his own fragile ego --and have the last word–and in control of everyone and the situation.


And so many (80% at least) of djt voters tell me they voted for him because he was a “successful businessman”. One who cannot keep his childish rants to himself or his business councils in business, or is cabinet without chaos.

So much for business people thus being qualified for presidency.


Don’t let those old, ugly White House doors hit your old, ugly, racist ass on the the way out, Mr Ex–President.
And, as for you Rev. Pence: Does the term " racist homophobic, one percent enabler " mean anything at all to you? How about putting it in the context of the Adm. you’re one of leaders of, currently?
Does the saying, " having a real come to Jesus moment " hold a special meaning to you right now, sir? "


bannon tactics - trump is too narcissistic to think he would be abandoned.

now we know for sure who is in charge - bannon and white supremacists -

trump is the face of the klu klux klan

welcome to the america you have made citizens.


this is bannon
trump is not aware of anything or anybody but himself.
bannon is an educated white supremacist, this makes him very dangerous.


the only qualification they have is greed and self-centeredness

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hi emphyrio
common dreams spinning a trump story?
common dreams?

not that i don’t believe that this is not accurate - just i’m surprised at common dreams.

can you send me link please? i’m going to check it out, but link is easier.

thank you,

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Greenspan and several other mostly republican economists have been talking about a serious pick up in inflation for many years. So far they have been totally wrong. Slow growth and steady, low inflation has been the norm for quite some time. I see little reason why that should not remain the case.

It seems the true story is emerging - CEO’s decided to break with trump and in response to that decision trump (then) made his tweet.

On Wednesday morning, a dozen of the country’s most influential C.E.O.s joined a conference call, and, after some debate, a consensus emerged: The policy forum would be disbanded, delivering a blow to a president who came into office boasting of his close ties with business leaders.”

“With the collapse of the councils, the president has all but lost his most natural constituency — the corporate leaders who stood to benefit from his agenda of lower taxes and lighter regulation.”

Before they could make a statement announcing their decision, however, Mr. Trump spoke. He had caught wind of their planned defection and wanted to have the last word. Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!”

This account is based on interviews with more than a dozen people at the companies represented on the council or advising them."

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But…but…but…what about “the facts”?