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Strangled By War and Siege, Gaza's Economy 'On Verge of Collapse': World Bank


Strangled By War and Siege, Gaza's Economy 'On Verge of Collapse': World Bank

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Nine months after Israel's 51-day military assault on Gaza, a damning new report released by the World Bank finds that the 1.8 million residents of this besieged strip of land face the highest unemployment rate in the world and an economy on the "verge of collapse."


I sure wish Gawd would go to the checkout lane with his chosen assholes…


Oh my God, what kind of people are we to allow this to continue? It’s beyond inhumane. Why does the US of A and Canada support such atrocities? WHY?


Mostly lies from an Antisemite–classical Jew hating themes about evil Jews bloodlust and claims of secret Jewish control over governments. Someone who thinks he is a leftist but shares basic elements of Nazi ideology.


The great ‘iniquity’ much mentioned in the Old Testament is all about the iniquity of Israel ‘70 years’ after the Nazis walled of Warsaw until 2010 when Israel completed the wall around Gaza. It has been ‘62 weeks’ or years since Israel was established in 1948 until the ‘wall’ and ‘iron pan’ Iron Dome built by Israel and completed in 2010.
2011 begins the ‘seven’ years Tribulation, or ‘pass over’ which completes in 2017 when everything ends.
That is the ‘time’ the ‘dividing of time’ and the ‘times’ we are in now until the ‘pass over’ when the nomad planet Nibiru completes its 3600 years ‘season’ when it comes out of the ‘bottomless pit’ of outer space after a ‘thousand years’ to destroy the ‘Lamb’ Earth. The ‘pass over’ was misinterpreted into a religious festival called the Passover.
Be sure to recognize that there is ‘GOD’ and a God. The all capital letter GOD is the GOD planet and Earth is the little God planet. Or, ‘Gog’ when GOD the nomad planet overwhelms little God Earth. The Jews do not use the word God and spell it G-d because they believe in Jehovah and Yahweh. ‘GOD LORD, God and Lord’ do not mean the same to Jews as they do to Christians. Remember that the Jews wrote the Bible and Gentiles who don’t know Hebrew did the translation.

go to biblos.com for 17 versions of the Bible: look up any quoted words to verify the rest of the verses in support of the great ‘iniquity’ when Israel does to others as others have done to it.
Israel should know better. Shame on Israel.


How can you follow this debate when you are blind? Israel destroyed every factory in Gaza. Israel put the Palestinian people on a “diet” before the 2014 destruction. You are obviously blind to facts and have a predisposition to blaming any criticism of Israel to Antisemitism. I used to admire Israel. I don’t anymore. But I still like Jews as much as Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other citizens of the world.