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Streets Swell With Climate Marchers—Because 'Our Existence Depends on It'

Streets Swell With Climate Marchers—Because 'Our Existence Depends on It'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Energized crowds are expected to take to the streets nationwide on Saturday, President Donald Trump's 100th day in office, to protest the administration's regressive environmental policies and stand up for the climate, clean energy jobs, and a fossil-free future.

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Ahhhh, feel those tectonic plates shifting? NO? That’s good, because the fact is they’re NOT shifting. Protest marches are having zero impact, except that as the summer progresses they will increasingly make the Left look like they can’t find their asses with both hands, again…STILL.




Silence is golden… for the fossil fuel industry and the corporate right! To be invisible is to say marches have never had any effect on public policy.

To march is …

To change segregation and create the Civil Rights movement and ended war in Vietnam!

To march is to show just how many people feel so strongly about an issue.

To march reminds those in power that this is in fact a democracy and that people have a say in how their country is run.

To march is to be visible!

To march is to change things…always has and always will.


Then march against WAR and U.S. Imperialism first!

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Good to see the democratic party out in front organizing these marches. Oh wait… nevermind.


I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that you don’t know what the purpose of a march is.

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These issues are all connected. we are rising up for a new world, a paradigm shift. why be so divisive? what does that accomplish?

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And don’t forget the biggest ‘good buddy’ of all; the Capitalists! They drive the imperial war machine, the fossil fuel industry, the bloated healthcare system, neoliberal econ0mics, and so much more that we all know and apparently love. The time to ACT is here! The time to wake up is here! The time to rebel is here! I’m hoping the marches wake the masses up and will inspire them to DO something.


We all need to find common cause to work together. No more name calling or political party squabbles, both sides are just as bad, and ‘come together’, now!

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I attended a solidarity march this morning. I think marches add fun to resisting which is very important. The phone calls and e-mails and such can get rather dreary so why not make some noise at a march to break up the monotony. Most of the songs are from the 60s and even earlier but the issue isn’t. I think marches help shape the political agenda. In this instance they get climate change in the news and that is always a good thing. Our main power is as voters and the most important thing we can do is shift some Republicans away from Trump toward a sane agenda of supporting a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Is somebody screwing with the sound or am I being paranoid?

I’m not being devisive: I’m starting at the beginning. I am all for marches–Lincoln Park which then moved on to Grant Park–it is all related, but it begins with the idea that we need war to be exceptional. Do you deny that war (economic also) causes climate change?

Marches are not only against war! Marches are democracy in action on any and all issues that concern people!

The government does not march…

…people do about all the things that matter to them.

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At the march and rally I went to, at least three speakers spoke of war. Climate change as a cause of at least one current war, and the likelihood of more war - or a permanent state of war - in the future if we don’t take the radical steps necessary to mitigate climate change. One of the speakers was from Veterans for Peace, and another was retired military. All of this is interconnected - racial justice, economic justice, climate justice and peace - and the solutions are necessarily connected too. Activists and writers are making the connections, and it makes no sense for us to stay in our silos given the current crises.


We are in agreement. What was wrong with what I said?

I don’t think making the connections is as important as supporting each others causes. That gives a lot of support for all of our issues. Whether or not they are connected doesn’t matter that much in many cases. What matters is the level of support. That means lots of people at rallies and marches. Lots of phone calls and written messages to members of Congress.

Diversity is not divisive! A march is a means of communicating to the society at large, to the government and to people in support (or opposition) of the issue. A march is not restricted to marching against war first nor marching for civil rights first nor any other issue first!

Marching is what people do when they believe in something. Obviously the people in a march agree on an issue but might disagree on some other issue.

Respect people’s commitment to what they believe in if you would like to have the same for your issue. Once again… the people in a march about an issue might be in disagreement about a different issue.

What you’re saying is a little too abstract to respond to.
Where I am right now, no one is organizing against war specifally. But plenty of people are organizing on the other issues. They’re also antiwar, and do support each other.

Joe the Bitter, Reclusive Socislist.

Totally! Our Existence IS threatened. And existential threat is the only cure for the hypnotic trance of “consumer” psychosis.