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'Strength In Numbers': NFL Player's Open Letter Urges Unity to Battle Divisive Trump


'Strength In Numbers': NFL Player's Open Letter Urges Unity to Battle Divisive Trump

Jon Queally, staff writer

"I am convinced," writes linebacker Russell Okung, "that we will never make progress if we do not find a way to come together."


On the news last night, a researcher was interviewed whose company is gathering information about the number of sports teams (professional including basketball, football, soccer, hockey, etc.) that have cancelled reservations made at Trump properties/hotels and sent letters stating that they will boycott any Trump-associated business without end. So far, 17 have done so and the numbers grow everyday. If he can’t be removed from the top, then start at the bottom and destroy his empire from the inside out…take the money away and DJT turns into a pile of toxic dust.


I wholeheartedly agree that DJT is a pile of something, but it ain’t dust.

This letter is constructed intelligently and should produce the desired result.

Unity amongst the players.

If the owners wish to align themselves with the Evil Orange Ogre, I hope the players all break with the NFL, and start their own league.

Wouldn’t that be a giant “FU” to the NFL and DJT.


Russell Okung: Super job. Let’s hope that the players remain unified. Nice to see the players stand up to the estbalishment. Keep up the pressure! There is strength in numbers.


Good Job Russell

Your strategy will work for us all


Happy to read of another player directing this situation back to Kaepernick’s original message; and, I’m all for boycotting Trump’s properties.


Another fine example of a weak, powerless union doing the bidding of management and not the members. The NFPLA would fit right in with AFL-CIO. Also, does anyone see the irony of players taking a knee to fight racism while wearing a Washington R___in or Kansas City C___fs uniform?


Russell Okung, you are showing real class here. I hope your efforts are successful!


What a beautiful letter.


I am four square behind those professional athletes and while I agree that it is the Right of others to disagree what does nother me is the lack of comprehension and the very vitriolic threats against players by opposition , some but not all.
Take the response by a county Shetriff in Louisiana, who because FORzD automotive came out and publicly sided with players his department will no longer buy Ford made police vehicles.
Let’s put into proper perspective just what is a Sheriff and why are the vast majority of an elective office.
A county Sheriff fulfills what duties our early history, Pre and many years after independence, that of a Magistrate,an officer that stood by local and official laws between Royal or later Governments over reach of power.
HE was an officer of the court and served as Process server, and yet he was knowlegable enough to understand legal from common law.
HE was not so much a policeman as he was an Admi iterator of the ones who protectors of people that kept an orderly civil society free from abusers.
When Federal Officials tried to intervene in matters outside their Constitutionaly derived powers he was the people’s protector.
Their last line of defence.
We have seen Sheiffs Department heads refuse Fed Demands throughout our history, coal miners and early union strikers when State and Feds interfered with military force in favor of large private or corporate concerns.


Start their own league? That will probably never happen, but what could happen is the entire NFL players to go on strike and refuse to play until the owners see it the players way.


I kinda like the idea of all the players dumping their Billionaire owners and starting their own league.

Bernie Sanders warned us all about Billionaires attempting to buy our election.

I say, F the Billionaire class. They control entirely too much.


Exactly, Russel Okung’s eloquent expression of solidarity has become tragically rare lately. When is Trumpka going to write a letter like this to the whole AFL-CIO membership?


I think those who object to the players dissent are demonstrating somehow a form of cognitive dissonance regarding social injustice. The protests address the issue of social injustice, and many would just rather not think about it, they prefer to remain blissfully ignorant of that issue.


Class, intelligence, and love of his fellow man. You cannot underestimate the power all that when it is rolled up into one VOICE, uniting with many, many others. That kind of Heart and Soul is profoundly important in changing the ignorance and the outcomes we are used to seeing come ouf of racial abuse. I hope Colin is working with Russell by now on a plan of action.

There is no need or good to come for any NFL League Coach or Owner if they try to stop democratic efforts and rights now. Their standing in the League will be decided by how they either comply or continue to Bully the players. You cannot ignore police brutality forever, no matter how much you’d like to whitewash it.


Police Brutality is one thing, public execution by Police in Cold Blooded Murder is a completely different thing.

Then, there’s the system that doesn’t hold them accountable for their actions.

That, in some ways is just as heinous as the murder.


We need to extend this boycott to all in the two party system that support corporate interests over the needs of people. This will be a monkey wrench thrown smack into the machine.


True and beautifully stated. What leadership looks like and what is needed now in these new dark ages.