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Strike! Barbara Ehrenreich Calls on TSA Workers to Walk Off Job in Protest of Government Shutdown

Strike! Barbara Ehrenreich Calls on TSA Workers to Walk Off Job in Protest of Government Shutdown

Democracy Now!

The longest government shutdown in U.S. history is now on Day 27. As 800,000 workers continue to go without pay, federal employees around the country are rising up to demand an end to the shutdown, which has run public institutions ragged and left hundreds of thousands financially strapped.

We speak with Barbara Ehrenreich, author of the best-seller “Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America.” She is calling for TSA workers around the country to strike.


HI TomJohnson1: you should probably read her book, because she has been there and done that----she was with "the People,’ as she worked all those jobs and saw all that those workers had to go through. She lived with the workers in all kinds of situations, and she experienced all that they did, She was there as a journalist, but she walked their walk, and in reading her experiences she put herself out there with them. Please read her book, because , you know, she is a real journalist. “Nickeled and Dimed,” is a book that everyone should read----both for the people who work those jobs----and for those who have no clue!

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Ehrenreich is over the hill. I read her last book and it was curmudgeonly garbage based on cherry-picked science seemingly written to make a buck; about as useful as Andy Rooney. That said, and with your astute comments taken into consideration, I wonder if the possibility of an organized strike might not simply give way to precipitous erosion of the workforce when paycheck-to-paycheck people simply can’t get to work anymore. Either way, the crippling effect of the transportation system gone FUBAR might force an end to this shutdown, but only when it starts to impact the oligarchs. I don’t know. I have no predictions except doom and damnation.

NOTE: I posted this before I saw stardustIBID’s comment. “Nickel and Dimed” was a worthy effort, but it was pretty much her entire wad.

For those who naysay the idea of a strike, what do these employees have to financially lose at this point? How often should ANYONE bend over and grab their ankles before they realize enough is enough?

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TSA workers walking off the job won’t bring any pressure to bear on Washington. They don’t provide much actual security, only security theater. Their absence wouldn’t have any ripple effect.

But air-traffic controllers are another story entirely.

If they were to implement an old-fashioned sit-down strike, not responding to requests for takeoff and departure clearances, they could shut down much of the nation’s travel and start inconveniencing People with Money and Clout. And those people would pressure Washington to find a solution.

And if they were steadfast enough about it, they could even refuse clearance requests from Air Force One.

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Federal workers can not strike. It is not legal and they can be fired immediately. On the other hand, they CAN call out sick. That is what is being ‘urged’ and what is already happening. I agree with a fellow poster, that if the traffic controllers were to suddenly become ‘sick’ and call out, that would give Trump something to think about.

Ron Andersen

I agree with Ed. I think the air-traffic controllers and their aides should join with TSA and walk off the job. They should be joined by all the airlines by cancelling all flights for a couple of days at least. They would be taking the safety of their passengers into consideration since the air-traffic controllers say flying is definitely less safe now.

A mess? Yes, but how else to get the attention of the President, his administration, and Congress to get off their asses and stop the shutdown without building a stupid, ineffective wall. Unfortunately they all still get their paychecks for doing little except let the country go to hell and become the laughing stock of the world.

Hi TomJohnson1 _____You didn’t read the book, did you : )

She did all those jobs and had all those terrible bosses and she lived the workers’ lives in many cities in America. She stayed in the cheapest places and had to eat the cheapest food, and was treated so poorly by so many bosses-----------The whole point of the book was to show America what so many people were living… or barely living ----is probably more correct

Why did you write: “Ehrenreich and all her rich liberal friends…” That is rude and untrue—and you know, she did what Mother Jones did by showing what so much of America has to do to make a iiving---------and still so many barely survive.
And as for that old book, " Black Like Me, " of course , he was writing it for white people because how else would they know? Why are you so unforgiving to what others do to share how bad life can be in America? I would say this makes you very “sad,” , but that word has been pretty much overused…: )

This is a perfect example of the power of the people. These folks aren’t getting paid but they have the power of their numbers. The smart move would be to strike en mass. Show the elite exactly who has the power. The power had always been with the workers because we OUTNUMBER them. If the TSA don’t show up, the planes don’t fly. Government shutdown over. Period.