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'Strike Is Our Tactic. Solidarity Is Our Power': NBA, WNBA Players Ignite Work Stoppage to Protest Police Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/27/strike-our-tactic-solidarity-our-power-nba-wnba-players-ignite-work-stoppage-protest


I am glad to see the Unions sit up and take notice, the time is long past due for a general strike.



Um, the labor movement lives on the DNC plantation and have done precisely nothing about police terrorist violence except issue pious statements and denounce people calling for the defunding of the police. Let’s keep it real.

Thank you pro ball players.


Colin Kaepernick taking a knee didn’t quite do the trick. But I think maybe the revolution has begun.
Not too loudly, and not too quietly.

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Nice and hats-off! This could spread into a General Strike.


Our area AFL-CIO group kicked out the Seattle Police Guild. Small step but something.

Sports is just something for the straight world to talk about. But if sports can affect positive social change then I’ll become a fan, again, just like when I was a kid with guys like…John Havlicek, Bill Walton, The Doctor, Julius Erving, Bobby Orr, and the slayer of that punk Bobby Riggs: Billy Jean King. Prefer non-competitive sports like hiking, now.


Too bad Kenny Smith’s co-hosts didn’t have the same courage, and follow him out the door.

I don’t follow sports but I have the highest respect for those participating in this strike. It would be great if this could spread like wildfire. It already is a bit of a big deal that such solidarity is already being shown off in these mainstream institutions.

That was just the spark I like to think. Of a slow burning flame that is flaring up now.

Michael Jordan’s influence as team owner and respected ex-player seems to have derailed the wider strike against police brutality and impunity.by players fed-up with killings of black men primarily with never any real change. Have financial interests taken precedence over principle and activism?

Yes, a very very long time ago, and this world is the result.

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Yes I heard about that. Good for them. I’m thinking bigger


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