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Striking Analysis of Civil Rights Complaints Sheds Light on Why Police Impunity Reins



DOJ and their performance has been sorely lacking.
Holder and Obama promised a lot, but delivered ZERO.

I find it quite amazing the the first black president and black atty general
have THE WORST record of performance on Civil Rights.

Pathetic and Shameful.

Shall we look at banking prosecutions.

Oh but Obama says "Technically what they did was not a crime"
Kinda like their interpretation of police crimes and killings.

Evidently robo-forging signatures on land titles is legal.

Or RICO organized schemes to defraud investors with S&P and Moody AAA ratings
which were lies is also legal.

Or just plain stealing homes through fraudulent foreclosure is also legal.

Or ....just shooting Citizens dead in the streets is also legal in Mr Holder's and Mr Obama's interpretations.