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Striking Fear Into Corporate Hearts, Labor Board Hands Big Win to Workers


Striking Fear Into Corporate Hearts, Labor Board Hands Big Win to Workers

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In what is being described as "one of the biggest labor decisions of the Obama administration," the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Thursday expanded its "joint-employer" standard, paving the way for unions to organize on a much broader scale—and striking fear into the hearts of corporations that have used previous labor laws to shift workplace responsibilities elsewhere.



A Republican Labor Board and/or a Republican Supreme Court, chosen by a Republican president, will certainly overturn it.

Further Labor Law which needs needs to be changed.
1) ... CARD CHECK-OFF, so that a majority of workers who sign for a union cannot be intimidated by employee pressure and brow-beating.
2) ... REPEAL OF TAFT-HARTLEY "secondary boycott" prohibition, which prevents workers in different work places and unions from helping each other, or calling a general strike,

These two will only be brought up by Bernie Sanders,


The biggest lie ever sold the American Public was that Unions caused America to be uncompetitive. As the Great George Carlin said: "the Owners of this country are beating you over the head with their media 24 hours a day telling you what to think and what to do..."

Unions didn't cause America to lose it's middle-class prosperity, Wall Street did that, criss-crossing the globe in search of slave labor, instead of obeying Federal Labor Law like it did in the 1960's-1980's and negotiating in good faith with workers. Union operations are safer. OSHA operations are safer.

People are so expendable in China, they have to lock the factories up tight and install netting around buildings to keep workers from fleeing or committing suicide. That's the real Wall Street. That's the real unregulated Capitalism market we live in. Slavery. Since the 1930's, organized labor fought constantly to enshrine worker rights in Federal Labor Law. But it only applied to organized groups who sought election of Union representation through the National Labor Relations Board and held elections throught the National Mediation Board (NMB). When those cards are being signed for a Union vote on the property, outfits like "Wall Street Mart" call the police or fire people in mass for organizing, which is a flagrant violation of Federal Labor Law.

The syndrome of "To Big to Follow the Law" is the real problem in America. Big corps need to all be broken up into small competitive regional companies again, like we did with the tyranny of the Standard Oil Monopoly.


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I wish we had a president with enough backbone to stand up to the corporate bigwigs. The corporations would have corporate heart attacks. Romney says corporations are people. Let him perform CPR on them.


Yes, break them up with law, or break them up wit mass boycott, or just break them up. Those are the choices.


Change the state laws of the rules of incorporation (or whatever they're called). Make it so a corporation can only operate in the state that its corporate headquarters is based.


"These two will only be brought up by Bernie Sanders," Which is why the fascist oligarchy will go to any lengths to stop him. Election rigging. False flags/provocateurs. Or a bullet if nothing else works. Our oligarchy has been working for years to eliminate the New Deal. Collective bargaining. Federal labor rules and laws. Enforcement of worker safety and pay standards. A vote for the GOP is a vote for corporate dictatorship and enslavement to them. The oligarchs do not believe in labor rights. Only a right of power from wealth. Romoney, Trumpet. Crowns of arrogance and narcissism.


We missed a golden boycott opportunity with Nabisco moving to Mexico. Don't buy anything made by them. Maybe it's not too late.


Totally true,

Now how do we get that message our on the streets and into the workplace?


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Hello aligator,

If you want get rid of corporate control, electoral parties won't do it. Bring people together on the streets, neighborhoods, workplaces, and schools. Help people co-operate and give each other mutual aid in all those places.

THEN when we have created face to face SOLIDARITY, a real opposition party may be able to contend with the media and its money. Until then, building solidarity will be more important than any party, UNLESS that party really knows how to organize. I've been a Green Party member for decades, but so far I haven't seen that they have a real organizing talent or perspective.


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Try not to buy ANYTHING that is not local.


The lawyers will be cracking open the champagne this morning as the phone lines light up like Xmas trees. Good morning Mr McDonald... let me just email you our terms and conditions together with our price for a corporate legal victory.


Labor and income inequality are areas in which Sanders and Warren have very much distanced themselves from Democrats, as a lump sum.


By not finding ways to combine with other third parties, I feel like third parties are, in a way, betraying us and their reason for existence, if that is to change the direction of the country.

I've often voted third, and seen some local victories, but generally, they seem insular and unable to pull people together.


The solution s not voting third party which only helps Republicans win, the solution is to join the local Democratic party and work to make it progressive. If you really want a third party, join it and build it up to the point where they can compete, but in the meantime vote Democratic, but work for progressive Dems, not corporate Dems.

"Labor is prior to, and independent of, capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration." Lincoln's First Annual Message to Congress, December 3, 1861.


I presume that you mis-wrote and intended 'employer pressure'. It is advocates on the other side who remind us of union thugs intimidating workers into signing such cards, and of union thugs who are incredibly unresponsive to their members' wishes once they obtain 'exclusive representation rights' and 'paycheck deduction of union dues'.


Ever since unions were invented, employers have been trying to destroy them. The Tolpuddle martyrs, whose only crime was to try to organise a union back in the early decades of the 1800s, got transported to Sarah Island in Tasmania for 7 years and that was a real hell-hole of a convict station. Even in the golden years of British social democracy (1945-1979) the unions were bashed continually by the media and right-wing politicians and when Maggot Thatcher came to power she set about destroying the union movement systematically and with riot squads of the police to enforce her will. Australia is now running an anti-union witch-hunt via a Royal Commission into union corruption (ironically, the union being chased is right-wing and supported a very right-leaning Labour leader to power as Leader of the Opposition; he is one of those "Labour" people in the mould of Tony Bliar). New Zealand back in 1984 invented "enterprise bargaining" which enabled employers to reduce staff and then advertise jobs whose terms were negotiable on an individual basis, thus "empowering" individual responsibility ho bloody ho ho ho...........

Whether one likes them or not, Unions are essential for democracy, if nothing else.