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Striking Teachers Are Fighting for Communities

Striking Teachers Are Fighting for Communities

Jeff Bryant

Teacher strikes that started in West Virginia and are now raging in Oklahoma and whipping up in Kentucky and Arizona are being called a

The name calling by so called leaders in these states is disgusting, and shows a total lack of respect for our educators. I call on ALL union members in these states to step up and stand with you’re union brothers and sisters, they deserve it.


Go union!

It would be of interest to see some solidarity at some point between the last few remaining unions in the States–law enforcement and nurses come to mind. To be fair, these have not often been supported by teachers in recent years either, but that has been, at least in general, a mistake.

You’re not going to be able to make a red | blue thing out of this, though–not unless you can find some official Democrats (or, I suppose, Republicans) willing to support labor.

It has so long since the Democratic Party supported labor that some of the striking teachers are too young to remember it.

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Don’t expect police unions to step-up. I was the local pres. for a Firefighter union, we could never depend on the PD union, they always had excuses.

Dump once said that teachers should work for free! He said that a kindegartener could do the job!