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Striving for 'Best Plutocracy Money Can Buy,' Koch Brothers Plan to Dump $400M in 2018 Midterms


Striving for 'Best Plutocracy Money Can Buy,' Koch Brothers Plan to Dump $400M in 2018 Midterms

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Fresh off the passage of tax legislation that could net them over a billion dollars a year in additional profits, the oil moguls Charles and David Koch have now set their sights on the 2018 midterms, during which they are reportedly set to spend around $400 million promoting right-wing candidates and priorities.


Boycott. Identify Koch consumer products, like Brawny paper towels and Georgia Pacific plywood, and don’t buy their stuff. A complete list of Koch items can be Googled. Economic boycotts are devastating and rightfully feared by the oligarchs, whose power comes from money they obtain via the sales of their products and services. Cut off the money and they become irrelevant. It really is that simple.


The $400 million is about .04% of the combined wealth of the Koch brothers. I think they’ve conceded the 2018 elections…this is like putting a new hubcap on a car and calling it ‘rebuilt’.
But it will be interesting to see if, and to what extent, money can wash away the Party’s betrayal.


Our new and wonderful government brought to you by Citizens United and Koch Bros., ain’t it Grand? It’s just fine and dandy thank you very much. Think I’ll go down to hobby lobby and buy a hobby-horse and ride off into a multi-colored sunset cause by the pollutants latest the EPA are allowing these daze. Wow, what a wonderful cloud I see off in the distance. It’s shaped like one of those mushrooms out in the yard. Will it rain tonight? The long dark night than never ceases to end.


“Long dark night” indeed.

The last time this happened it was called the dark ages that lasted for centuries.


I’ve been boycotting Koch products for nearly 10 years now, to no effect. The only solutions to this problem start with the move to amend the Constitution to take away the speech status of money and corporate personhood. Doing so would make it possible to take the following necessary steps:

*Disallow corporate participation in politics in any form. Only live American citizen human beings would be allowed to participate in politics. That means no lobbying, no Government Affairs departments, etc. Corporations would only be acted upon by the political process, including bringing back the corporate “death penalty”, charter revocation, as a real and used tool to punish bad corporate behavior.

*Do away with all PACs. Only individuals could make SMALL donations (like $100 per issue/candidate/cycle) to only those issues and candidates that will appear on their personal ballot. No outsider contributions to campaigns allowed, period. If you’re not personally voting on it, you can’t contribute to it.

*Take away legislative redistricting from the politicians and give it to NON-partisan commissions made up of knowledgeable, but non-politician members. No current or recent officeholders allowed. Districts must be created to be regularly shaped and compact, keeping related municipal and county entities together as much as possible.

That should help a lot for a start. I’m sure there are other important things we can do to make the process fair.


Too bad the brainwash works so well because the Koch’s are a massive reason for the destruction of democracy. As Daddy Koch always said democracy and capitalism can not co-exist. They are the vultures who ate our lunch.


Few know or realize just how far back the Koch thingy goes. Maybe I ought to find a link for a bit of history. Maybe, if it really mattered, which it doesn’t.


Try YouTube documentary on the Koch brothers…


The American people should see this for what it is, the prostituting of American elections to the richest donors. The Koch brothers want a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. If the same thing that happened in 2016 happens again in 2018, they are going to get their way with even more Trumpbot Republicans in congress being even a large majority controlling congress than they are now.

What we desperately need to own up to, our pathetic voter turn out for the 2016 election was the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Hillary was a Democrat insider and Trump was and is an idiot. So we didn’t show up to vote (in general) and we now have the most horrific president in our entire history. WE NEED TO SHOW UP IN HUGE NUMBERS IN 2018 IN THE CONGRESSIONAL ELECTIONS AND VOTE REPUBLICANS OUT OF MAJORITY CONTROL. No excuses, if you don’t show up to vote like last time and the Republicans again win the control or even more control of congress, WE ARE TO BLAME. What Republicans need to get in the face directly in losing the 2018 congressional elections is they are going to be a part of the national backlash against Trump.


The thing is, the Dems outspent the Republicans in lots of campaigns last year…and still lost.

So what’s more important? The spending or the message?


It was bad enough when the Koch brothers were spending large sums of money because of greed and their extreme conservative beliefs but now by supporting Republicans they are in effect supporting white supremacy and fascism. I don’t believe they endorse either of these things but rather than standing up against them they too are going along. This is how fascism succeeds. It is absolutely essential to get out the vote in November to stop this. The country is running out of last chances. Hillary Clinton was unable to do it and unfortunately American companies like Facebook and Google unwittingly play a major role in her defeat by spreading fake news and ads paid for by a foreign country. The Democrats at least need to control one house of Congress. There is a lot of work to do in order to make that happen.


That is exactly why we need total, rolling, non cooperation. Also, find out on which boards of cultural institutions they insinuate them selves.


Not buying paper towels won’t be a barrier to a couple of the richest billionaires on the planet.


Yes, we are to blame. The first step in taking responsibility in fixing a problem is admitting blame. If more Americans start blaming themselves for the problems, the politicians will become terrified. Because accepting blame is the precursor to accepting responsibility. When we blame the politicians, we are telling them that fixing the problems in our society is their responsibility.


It says how bad, how very beyond “bad”, this tax bill is when these boys plan to spend 20 million pesos just to convince the masses out there that its really good fer them…And I bet they are gonna spend a whole lot more to keep convincing folks that this bill ain’t so bad for us…not to mention how really GOOD it is for “them” (“them” being the Koch-folk)


It’s all important…the spending, the message, the learning about issues and how they affect you and I…and, the voting, most assuredly, matters too! If more people had gotten out and voted we possibly would not be dealing with Trump and the long-lasting effects of his presidential powers (as in nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court) right now…


People will get out and vote for candidates they believe in. Haven’t seen many of those lately.


Who, in their right mind, thinks $400 million is chump change or won’t make a measureable difference in 2018? First, the Kochs will be targeting 10-12 Senate elections and probably 50 House seats. Maybe 5-6 Governorships. So, that’s about $6.5 million per each contest, worst case scenario.
That $$$ buys a lot of White Supremacist voters. That buys a lot of propaganda against progressive issues benefiting about 70% of Americans. A lot of hate against " the other ". A lot of divide and conquer against young and old. It muddies a lot of already murky water about federal regulatory issues directly related to the fossil fuel and extraction industries. It is a punch in the jaw to alternatives, in the areas of battling the worst aspects of the immediate and longer term consequences, of catastrophic climate change. There’s more but … you get the picture.
The only way to defeat the Kochs and their allies is go right at them. Call them out as White Supremacists and Anti-Environmental Extremists. Call them out as Old White Patriarchal Pricks, which they most obviously are. Call them out… be loud and be proud.
If we don’t stop them in 2018, we’ll see all of these reactionary, dead-enders ( MAGA MAGGOTS ) spending billions to racially jerryrig and twist the economy in knots, for their own sick fantasy and puritanical wishlist for entrenched white privilege. We have to say " FXCK YOU!!! " to their faces, over and over again.


I hate to start a rumor, but the Republicans seem to be snorting Koch. A government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich is what they want and unless we the people fight back, they are going to rip off our entire federal government.