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'Strong Start' But 'Not the End of the Road,' Says Greenpeace as Biden Vows to Bar Fossil Fuel Leaders From Transition Team

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/01/strong-start-not-end-road-says-greenpeace-biden-vows-bar-fossil-fuel-leaders

“Leaders” of oil and fossil fuel companies need not apply.

What does that mean?


Feelz like slick lawyerly parsed language to me - I expect nothing less, of course.


Then know they don’t need oil and gas ‘leaders’ when their government puppets already understand the marching orders.


Biden’s home state of Delaware is run by financial institutions and his career in the Senate showed that he was beholden to those interests. Delaware is also home to a number of Pharmaceutical and life science companies and his career has shown that he is beholden to those interests. Delaware is also home to Dupont and other chemical companies and his Senate career has shown him to be beholden to those interests. Luckily, Delaware doesn’t have oil/fossil fuel to speak of - so he doesn’t have the same kind of ties in that regard. That leaves me with a glimmer of hope that his climate crisis policy proposals may be much better than his proposals in other areas like financial regulation, medical care and class action suits against chemicals companies.

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How many goddamn times have empty promises been “cautiously applauded” by fools and knaves?


Is Greenpeace a joke? Biden denounced the Green New Deal in the debate!


I hope these GND and other environmental activists don’t think for a moment that Biden won’t still be talking with, and getting input from, fossil fuel execs ‘off the books’ so to speak.

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Hey Jamie Diamond, will you join my transition team. You’re not an oil executive so that means you must be an environmentalist.


Yet the DNC reinstated their acceptance of fossil fuel donations.
Biden had signed the NO Fossil Fuel money pledge during the primaries – and broke it.


That’s interesting - I hadn’t heard that he’d done that - but the third quarter funds aren’t posted on Opensecrets yet. Do you have a link to your source about his campaign violating the no fossil fuel pledge? I had just presumed that he’d let PACs do his dirty work in that regard.

Joe prefers ignorance. No surprise there.

Yeah, amazing isn’t it? One of his few strong coherent moments in the debate when he forcefully proclaimed “No, I don’t support the Green New Deal”, and yet we’re treated to tripe like this article to feed us false glimmers of hope that a Biden administration will make the hard choices necessary to combat climate change. The country is fracked.


Actually they do, PBF energy, in Delaware City. It’s an old Getty oil refinery. Not huge like some other refineries, but it’s been there since the 1950’s. I lived in this crappy town when I was a kid.


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PBF energy is headquartered in New Jersey.

So?. The refinery is in Delaware, and employs people in Delaware.

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Chevron’s largest refinery in the US is about 25 miles from my house, their headquarters isn’t in this state, but they still maintain a very heavy influence in my state.

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Pathetic attempt to win votes. Take a hike Joe.

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too little too late–pandering(accepting oil lobbyists in your inner circle) to the criminals responsible for the damage being done to our planet -FOR THE MONEY- while the planet burns is not progress and this frankly has the feel of one more massive gas light by the Dems–that so many so called environmentalist are taken in by this is sad sad sad-

showing us the process that has been in progress for some time now–the green washing of the ecocidal criminals and their corporations by the so called environmental “leaders” and their organizations who are standing around with their hands out for the money from the perpetrators of this crime–perfect examples of how money corrupts

You are missing the point of my post. Here’s some data:

  1. contributions to 2020 Biden campaign by sector through 2nd quarter (source - open secrets)
    Finance = $59.6 million, Medical = $21.1 million, Fossil Fuel < 1 million
  2. State of Delaware Employment per thousand jobs by sector (source - BLS)
    Finance: 93 Medical: 145 Fossil Fuel: 5

There is really no comparison between the size or political activity of these sectors


Biden signed the pledge after 23 other presidential candidates did last year.
The day before he signed, he took in donations from fossil fuel execs.

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