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Stronger Locks, Better Security


Stronger Locks, Better Security

Cindy Cohn

What if, in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, or cybersecurity attacks on companies and government agencies, the FBI had come to the American people and said: In order to keep you safe, we need you to remove all the locks on your doors and windows and replace them with weaker ones. It's because, if you were a terrorist and we needed to get to your house, your locks might slow us down or block us entirely. So Americans, remove your locks! And American companies: stop making good locks!


Great analogy. Figures that Hillary would be for it.


It's not a matter of "know[ing] better"

It's a matter of wanting to know everything


Excellent article. The only reason the oligarchy government wants weaker locks online is to be able to control our last hope for democracy, the Internet. These dictators tried to do it under the guise of protecting children and stopping online crime. Now Big Brother has the ultimate excuse, to stop terrorists.