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'Strongest Recession Signal Yet': Alarm Bells Sound as Key Indicator That Predicted Last Wall Street Crash Goes Negative


According Merril Lynch researchers, since 1953 the average time between the yield inversion and the official start of a recession is 15 months.

And your claim that “It’s been at least 18 months since the market has moved 10% up or 10% down” is a factual stretch. For instance, from January 2018 to July of this year, the DJIA rose over 10%.

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Still looking for those inevitable progressive programs from the Democrats to save us? Hahahahahahahahahaha-HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO. Heeheehee…

Haven’t you realized by now that it’s waaaaay too late to rely on political solutions (to our troubled evolution)…?


his base isn’t enough to get him elected. this has always been about turnout. the problem is the Dems insist on nominating candidates who deflate turnout.


Kindly consider that wall street loves the various publicly held good companies to quickly lose market value. They have lines of credit available to purchase at the low. Then ‘tout by Cramer’ the particular stock upward. This phase is usually two weeks.

The October 1987 crash got fixed in six months.
The 2008 crash ain’t fixed yet.
Markets are up because I can sell long term bonds at 2%-2.6% and pay out a 5% dividend plus buy back shares.

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Yes, It’s all set up to happen again

Like this:
I had other examples like this but cant find them right now

It’s like landing a good job that is portrayed as secure, then two months later being laid off.

First it was “possible”. Now it’s “worrying”.

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And depending on some unknown time frame, it’s “inevitable.”

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The economy has been weak since the spring of 2001.

See other post.

Cleveland Cliffs shares went down a couple weeks ago. They have iron ore, taconite, limestone and more. The prez had been on CNBC and talked with cautious optimism. US Steel, Gary works has shut down one blast furnace making steel. Their press release said due to low
TV pick up truck ads here have 23% discount for buyers.
I am still puzzled by our very low gasoline prices here. Lotsa years since this occurred.
Food, rent, utilities still higher - and we are told no inflations.

Maybe we are being talked down too. To fear mom and grandma into stop spending money = recession. If international banking and money laundering crash, then so will we.

When I was half way through my deployment to Vietnam in 1970 there was an MPC exchange. The present (military payment certificates), monopoly money, was converted to new bills with different colors etc. This was mainly done to thwart the people dealing in black market dealings.
Wanna see some pissed off South Vietnamese money changers when their thousands of illegal profits were wiped out?
Maybe we need to do something in that vain here. The trouble is that laws protect our crooks here.

LOL, in mid 2000 I quit a cherry job at Baxter to work for Tenneco. Two weeks after I landed at Tenneco they announced the company was breaking up, some would be laid off, some would stay with Tenneco and some would have to go to the new company PACTIV . It was another month before that was settled. Then 9/11 happened

A bit like climate heating!!! We should make a new acronym: PWI.

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Pretty sad and tells a lot about the state of a party and their candidates when their last hope to win an election is the economy tanking.

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