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'Structural Looting' of Black Communities Driving Protesters to Baltimore Streets


'Structural Looting' of Black Communities Driving Protesters to Baltimore Streets

Sarah Lazare

As people across Baltimore prepare for another day of mobilizations to demand justice for the late Freddie Gray, voices from the city's grassroots are calling for broader U.S. society to dig beneath the police and media spin of "looting" and "protester violence" and listen to expressions of outrage and demands for deep change emanating from the streets.


" Police and media spin of looting and protester violence". Orwell would love this! The protesters are violent for damaging some property; the police are non-violent for murdering some African Americans!


Remember this: good to ‘Know Thine Enemy’ … thoroughly.
Most of ‘The New American Police’ forces, now seen Marauding their Public Charges, are deliberately trained, whore-hound, violent ex-military-types (somewhat) psychotic folks. Many, quite disturbed, Sociopathic malefics . Moral outlook is deliberately absent , or filtered during training, They are Robotic, ‘Non-Empaths’, and should not be expected to ‘Come Around’ …to sane policing.
Horrible, but true.
National Guard is probably a better choice for containing ‘situations’ now rampant in American Cities.
Also, it is not beyond Powers-That-Be…to actually instigate these ‘Public Riots’, to justify any and all 'then ‘Necessary Response’ Measures. Like a ‘911’…domestic version .


Blood and Crips called a truce to support peace in the community


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The “little party” that America’s been throwing since Reagan is come to an end. Here we have Baltimore, Ferguson, ad infinitum of the country spending a few decades ignoring the treatment of black people by the police and it upsets them. Too bad they didn’t get so upset when crack was dumped on these communities by the feds under Reagan, for starters. Instant Karma all around, the fragile GOP world of neglect of everyone but whites with LOTS of money and religious nutcases, gun wingnuts, and assorted other oddballs looks to be coming to an end. Now what are they going to do?


So sell your computer and donate the money to someone who lives in Baltimore.


The resources on this planet are not obtained by contacting magical wood nymphs. They require work to make them appear in your stores, and they are finite.

As the population continues to grow as astonishing rates on this planet, the resources will continue to diminish.

As the environment continues to lose habitat due to pollution and climate change, resources will grow even more strained.

Those who have will continue to fight those who have not, only it will get more and more violent.

If you only focus on race in this news story you are missing half of the picture.


All that you say has come to pass in poor nations and will come to pass in the USA eventually. But lack of wealth is not what is kicking in the USA in 2015. Average wealth is actually so abunant in 2015. If wealth from the 1% were shared out, then wealth of the poor would be so high that imports of junk and the cost of rental accommodation would soar.


Sarah Lazare this article is not journalism.*

“dig beneath the police and media spin of “looting” and “protester violence” and listen to expressions of outrage and demands for deep change emanating from the streets.”

The media spin? There was LOOTING and protester VIOLENCE and millions of dollars in damage. So where is the spin?

“listen to expressions of outrage and demands for deep change emanating from the streets.”

It is hard to listen To people when they are steeling, committing arson and vandalizing. Marten luther King would not have been proud of that display of lawlessness.

“People are moralizing about trash cans getting burned.”

It was a lot more than trash cans. Trying to minimizing what really happened when there is video showing the fires, looting and disobedience.
Have you ever worked for Fox news?

“I want to make this as clear as possible:
Step 1: the police created a “credible threat” about some high school students gathering at Mondawmin to start trouble.”

The video shows the police using great restraint by retreating away from the students when the students started towards the police.

“Step 2: the police showed up in force and riot gear before the students got out of school at Mondawmin, which is a major public transit hub, and SHUT DOWN THE TRANSIT, guaranteeing the kids couldn’t leave.”

I didn’t see that any of the “kids” trying to leave but just the opposite, they confronted the police with weapons in the shape of rocks, bricks and cement blocks.

“Step 3: the police started macing people and brandishing tasers.”

When someone ignores a lawful command from a police officer. That police officer will get them to comply with what ever it takes… Attitude is very important when confronted by the police.

“Step 4: the kids understandably responded to being stranded and maced by throwing rocks.”

This is very funny to me you are saying that it is OK to disobey a police officer by attacking them with what ever is handy. I DON"T THINK SO.

"Step 5: the media starts reporting it as “a riot” and “violent protesters.
This is 100% bought and paid for by the police department. This is absolutely vile.”

The media called it a RIOT because that is what it was.
RIOT: A riot is a form of civil disorder commonly characterized by a group lashing out in a violent public disturbance against authority, property or people.
That is pretty much what I saw, where were you when the looting and arson was going on? What is truly vile is for you as a journalist try to convince your readers that it wasn’t.

“Numerous accounts of police brutality emerged on Monday, including reports of law enforcement throwing rocks at protesters.”

WHAT? If this happen the police were just giving the rocks back to the ones that where throwing them at the police. Why is it that police brutality. you call it police brutality when the try and protect themselves with pepper spray or brandishing tasers. What in your biased opinion should the police have done faced with a mob. A mob is what it is when that fist rock was thrown.

Shame on you and sham on common dreams for publishing this one sided, misleading crock.

But I do agree that in this case the police should answer as to why they arrested
This young man and how did his voice box get crushed and his spine was severed and died? we all want answers on this and the real cause of this steams from the police not being forthcoming with the answers. Have a good day


Welcome to the “New World Order”. Comply or else? “Do we get the picture?” See what happens to a population that rebels - Baltimore - Occupy - Spain - Turkey - Bahrain - Brazil - Mexico - Egypt - Palestine - Myanmar - Hong Kong - Scotland, etc., etc. See what happens when an entire country rebels: Greece and Argentina a few decades ago, will win and has won their right to exist without corporate corruption and intimidation, respectively! Who’s next?

Seems populations of color and poverty are being austerity-attacked everywhere, worldwide, since Occupy. Politicians are “doubling down” with local law enforcement, dressed-up like the “empire forces in Star Wars” - No doubt due to pressure from freaked-out oligarchs and their echo chamber media; in turn, freaking-out the masses of stirred-up listeners. Yet, it all boils down to corporate vrs. the people.

What say Ye, Senator Sanders? To this neo-con, militarized, response to all who disobey? In a perfect world, the mayor would come out cleanly and confront the people honestly, face-to-face, like what ensued in Missouri, after their similar mess. Even the feds stepped in to cool things down - and all-in-all, it worked.

Why not now? Somehow, someone, something has changed. Who? Why? And How will “they” take this?


Horse apples! Have you ever been to Baltimore Billy Bob?

One can’t smash the window of a Staatssicherheit Polizei vehicle with pebbles.


No I have never been in Baltimore.


Bob, Yes! Not only are the extra-legal “law enforcement, dressed-up like the ‘Empire forces in Star Wars’” as you rightly say, but all the oppressions that you mention ‘abroad’ in “Spain - Turkey - Bahrain - Brazil - Mexico - Egypt - Palestine - Myanmar” as you point out, and the forces of Empire in Baltimore and other US cities and against the “Occupy” movement the work of militarist Empire forces, but the actual cause of the “Structural looting” that Sarah writes about is ACTUALLY carried out by a Disguised Global Capitalist/hustler Empire (of 'Structural Looting") that is only ‘posing’ as our former country.

And since it is actually an EMPIRE that is the oppressor of the people, particularly treating the black communities in the domestic metropole of this Empire as ‘subjects’ and killing anyone in the foreign oil looting territories and other extraction countries of the Global Empire as global ‘subjects’, the black community is the most politically conscious here and the torturable and killable ‘subjects’ abroad are the people most highly aware that it is a real EMPIRE and that they feel the tip of the Empire’s spear (or 9mm of the Empire’s gun in their backs).

Therefore the Second American Revolution against this new Disguised Global Capitalist/hustler EMPIRE will start with a combination of members of the black community here and foreigners who both understand that the EMPIRE is the core cancerous tumor that must be overcome — and overcome through the non-violence of merely 'outing the Empire, and educating other groups of Americans to join the anti-Empire movement.


Sarah, despite what Billy Luntz says, your reporting and article are very much on-target.

The Black Community here is the most politically conscious and based on the increasing violence and oppression of the domestic black community recognizing the “tip of the Empire’s spear in their face” — or should we say the Empire’s 9mm bullets in their backs — they are the first group of Americans to fully understand that they are being treated and oppressed as if they were ‘subjects’ of an Empire, rather than ‘citizens’ of any kind of functional democracy.

Your quotations of Brian Arnold, a former Baltimore City high school teacher, and Laurence Brown, assistant professor at Morgan State University comport entirely and reminded me of a NYT Op-Ed “Black Culture Is Not the Problem” by Johns Hopkins University Professor, N. D. B. Connolly, to whom I emailed and made this comment in the Times:

Not only is “Black Culture Not the Problem”, but the black community, being the most politically conscious in America, is the leading ‘Answer’ to the Disguised Global Capitalist/hustler Empire that has been keeping most Americans thinking that they live as ‘citizens’ in any kind of functional democracy and keeping them deluded, propagandized, and blind to the fact that they are being treated as, and oppressed as, virtual ‘subjects’ of this not-so-virtual Empire that is only ‘posing’ as our formerly democratic Republic.

Fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the previously disguised Empire, many other groups are catching on to what the black community understands in its DNA, and experiences all too often under this Empire.

Every day, larger groups such as; the poor, the unemployed, the working poor, the slipping middle classes, the Wall Street looted class, and the 47% that Romney said the system (of Empire) could ignore ARE fast beginning to see, experience, and understand, like the black community, that they are essentially ‘subjects’ of an Empire and not citizens of any kind of functional democracy.

Empire (including this modern and innovative disguised dual-party Vichy-political facade of an Empire) is on the wrong side of history as more Americans realize this truth.

Thanks again Sarah, for your insightful article on the ‘Structural Looting’ of the Black Communities — and other broadening groups in this country and abroad, which will likely be soon becoming the vanguard of a Second American Revolution (this time non-violent) against this new Empire ‘posing’ as and HQed in our former country.


“Sarah, despite what Billy Luntz says, your reporting and article are very much on-target.”

Sarah’s clamming the media put a spin on the fires, looting and destruction that was going on and to try and down play it. Was more than I could stand. and it was truly a riot.
In your empire just exactly what is " structural looting"?
How could you possibly mis spell some ones name when it is spelled out for you?.. LUTZ not LUNTZ


" Not only are the extra-legal “law enforcement, dressed-up like the 'Empire forces in Star Wars”

Well amacd what were they suppose to be dressed up like? life guards at the beach.


Isn’t it amazing how the lack of ethics and morals in this community is not told. Poverty is not a reason to destroy other people’s stuff. If so, why do we not see this in the impoverished Appalachia regions? These people have no values, period!! They constantly bash capitalism while reaping the benefits of those that work and pay taxes so they can sit on their butts, collect welfare, and go out to riot. The police do not dress like this when people behave and there is mutual respect. These people have no respect for the police or themselves.
There’s a big deal made how the officers are charged. Not one word is said how there are few rioters charged and they will not be held responsible for the damage they have done. The bad guys get the pass, again.


It’s clear what they are up to next. Obama has ordered the FAA to prepare for thousands of drones to be flying over everyones rooftops. Everyone is under Obomber’s NDAA law section 1021 which says he can kill Americans for any reason whatsoever and their can’t even be an investigation into it.

A de facto Dictator in the USA. Of course that NAZI power will be transferred to the next puppet in the white house after he’s gone.


What a dumbass comment. I am 56, not wealthy, have voted Democrat all my life, am gay, did not get killed by AIDS, struggled to get a Bachelor of Science and am hoping to get an elementary teaching credential. In the words of Theresa Heinz Kerry, “shove it.”