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Stubborn Facts and the Lies That Kill Democracy


Stubborn Facts and the Lies That Kill Democracy

Ralph Nader

It is not just Donald Trump whose rhetoric is chronically bereft of reality. Politicians, reporters, commentators and academics are often similarly untethered to hard facts, albeit not for narcissistic enjoyment. There are many patterns of fact, relevant to a subject being discussed, that are off the table—either consciously or because they are deemed inconvenient. Rarely are there omissions due to the facts being hard to get or inaccessible.

That in mind, here are a few examples that warrant our scrutiny:


If this article was on the Front Page of every US Newspaper, and leading every MSM Newscast, and allowed to be defended on Opinion Pages of said Newspapers, Our Nation could BEGIN to understand just who our Enemy is, and that we, as Citizens, have more in common than we are being LEAD to believe.


This is, ummm, interesting. All articles on CD appearing on my computer show 0 comments and at the bottom of the page the message "Unable to load comments from Discourse" appears. I never-the-less clicked on "load comments" and here they are. Does anyone know what is going on? No e-mail messages from the CD staff in my in-box concerning this, and the only thing I've seen so far was a reference by AZ alluding to "the perfect technological storm" the other day.

Is CD under attack?


The comments section seems to be working this morning. Yesterday it was not.


We really don't know who is Controlling what, but it's obvious that there IS Control.


Another factual article by Ralph Nadar.

Here's a fun fact.

Within the name : Donald John Trump, are the words, 'Unmoral and Hoodlum.'

Imagine that.


Yes, it's working, but is presenting a face that appears to say that it is not. Curious. Occurred to me that maybe the presentation on my computer was meant for me, but that makes no sense. Considering many comments here, mine are hardly more inflammatory or beyond the pale than many posted here, and I've been an equal opportunity abuser of both professional political parties.

Investigating another story on several news sites yesterday, read that Trumplandia is recruiting individuals for internet psyops work. Remember the 70's and 80's when Francis Fukuyama postulated the notion of The End of History? Ha, ha, ha - yeesh.


Yeah. I thought perhaps the malfunctioning yesterday was aimed at me.

The Internet trolling, disruption was also employed by the Democratic Party as well, as I am sure you recall.

My response, FEA.

I've moved on to Greener pastures and am quite proud to know my party isn't supporting the multitude of moral, social, financial, and political forms of corruption that the Democrats and Republicans embrace.

I'm embarrassed to say, I've been there and done that.

Never again.

My ethical choice is far more important to me than a 'winning' choice.

Try it, you'll like it.


Although bugs were apparent yesterday CD posting is working better today.

The most consequential facts that have been omitted and continue to be omitted from discussion (to the point of being taboo) during the past four decades is human overpopulation. During the sixties and early seventies zero population growth (ZPG) was a strong, well organized, widely supported movement...until organized religions, corporations, their politicians and media made it taboo.


Alternate facts and no accountability have been around for many, many decades and you of all people could probably state a lot further back than that.

Accountability is only for the people not the politicians in DC and around this once great country which could be a stretch.


The current concern is that Trump and the GOP are attacking fake news, despite Trump and the GOP being the most prolific generators of fake news the world has ever seen. Nobody else and no other orgainization comes close to generating the amount of fake news that Trump and the GOP continue to generate.


Same question from me. I emailed CD yesterday re this and still no reply. I have financially contributed annually to CD for many years.


I had Posts scrubbed yesterday.
Their contents were pointed guesses as to why the Comments were disabled.


Ralph, First let me state that I voted for you in 2000 (and attended the GP convention held in Denver that year), supported Bernie financially and very vocally this year before voting for Jill Stein. However, I am really beginning to question statements, like yours above, and actions such as those Bernie committed this election when he ceded to Hillary and then horrifically committed to her nomination. Our country stands shamefully where it is today not because of Donald Trump, however things appear to be on track to become significantly worse, but because of a long train of abuses by a government which has not represented the people for many, many years over the back and forth "rule" of our two major parties acting as "yes" men/women for the "Deep State." I rest my case as to what has occurred; our Declaration of Independence provides the only answer as to what can be done about it as "we the people" and our Costitution fundamentally provides the blueprint as to what we are going to once again try and achieve as a people. Do not let history be overshadowed by Trump hate/fear. There is much fault to be passed around; and, we the people share a lot of it in our cowardice and complacency in not taking our responsibilities seriously.


Late last night I tried posting a comment, but it said "Error 403; forbidden" -- I tried my ipad early this a/m and worked fine, and my 'cruising' laptop is back to normal.

It's 11:30 in the morning; do you know where your
@$$holes are?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, ZPG made a big impact on me when I was in high school in the early 70's. I have not procreated... my familial ties are second-degree (nieces, nephews, great-nieces and great-nephews). So I am connected to the next generation, but not responsible for it.


Here! Here! or is it Hear! Hear! I should'a voted for Ralph Nader when I had the chance! Anyway, these gnarly times give birth to: citizensuntiedblog.com — Citizens Un-tied, (think: citizens unleashed) not exactly twenty-first century anarchy, but pretty close. Let's just call it: Third world Political Party/Cannabis Voting Block! Plan B: Conn/Mass/Vt. line creating New England, fossil fuels prohibited! and so on!


Yesterday I was getting a 403 Forbidden error not only for trying to post but even just like a comment.

I emailed CD and they responded back telling me they were having trouble, I wasn't banned (which I feared I might have been) and that they'd have it working better today. Since I'm posting that part is true, obviously.


Ralph has proven to be correct on just about everything he has warned against.

I hope he will come around to talking about the student loan issue soon. This is a consumer protection nightmare!



All kinds of older articles are coming up as well.
The ability to post is randomly blocked.
My bet is on a hack.