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Student Activism Pushes UMass to Become First Major Public University to Divest


Student Activism Pushes UMass to Become First Major Public University to Divest

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

University of Massachusetts students—who just over one month ago were arrested for demanding that their school divest from fossil fuels—were validated on Wednesday after it was announced that the school would become the first major public university to pull its direct holdings from polluting industries.

The decision was made by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors of the UMass Foundation, which oversees the endowment, valued at $700 million at the end of the last fiscal year.


Thank you UMass students. You achieve more than divestment recognition. This sets a ‘gold standard’ for recognition of how far our system of governance has fallen under the weight of ill gotten gains.
Your generation is set to meet face-to-face the karmic realities of a deformed system that is in the process of consuming itself. Fortunately the real treasure for reform never disappears - though fears have been heaped on you, your courage and creativity. May the inspiration strengthen, deepen and find solidarity in more places than you can imagine.


Marginally profitable? You mean like when Exxon made the highest profit of any corporation in history six years in a row (one year it being 43 billion in profits) marginal?


I hope next they boycott Israeli apartheid Zionist sadistic regime by joining the BDS movement.


Excuse me but Exxon has tens of trillions in reserves for investment, etc…


It’s 7:35 PM PST and Bernie is live in Lancaster, CA - Here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gv553sTT0I4