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Student Debt Movement Is Getting Democratic Candidates To Respond


Student Debt Movement Is Getting Democratic Candidates To Respond

Richard Long

The pressure is increasing on presidential candidates to propose a plan to tackle the $1.3 trillion behemoth that is student debt. Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley issued his debt-free college solution Wednesday. O’Malley’s proposal comes after Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders issued his own plan, and ahead of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plan later this summer. All the candidates on the Democratic side are going to have to take a stand.


Finally! Some sensible legislation coming from insensitive politicians. I believe Bernie Sanders is opening eyes and ears in the populace, and because he’s running as a Democrat, he cannot be shut-out (yet anyway). It is time. He is forcing Hilary to move over to the left (just a little at least), and may even succeed in turning this country around before it hits the edge of the cliff.


Have not looked at the plans, but we don’t just need “debt-free college” we need “profit-free college.”

If “debt-free” plans work by funneling money into corporate coffers, they will jack the nominal cost of education even higher, and “our tax dollars” will again enrich the already obscenely wealthy under the guise of funding education, while continuing the ongoing privatization of public education. Just like public money for “health insurance” as structured in the USA guarantees completely unnecessary corporate profits, while jacking the nominal cost of medical care even further into the stratosphere.

Tax wealth. Directly fund social programs like medical care and education. No convoluted corporate schemes.


Very idealist. Doesn’t matter if Warren, Clinton or Sanders proposes such legislation in the face of inverted totalitarianism. Corporations own the gov. and higher edu-unless Corps get some cut this is nothing but pipe dreams