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Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field


Student Debt Slavery: Time to Level the Playing Field

Ellen Brown

We need to free our students from the system of debt slavery that has financialized education, turning it from an investment in human capital into a tool for exploiting the young for the benefit of private investors.


The article like most of its kind is so much well meaning drivel. Enough with the “what we should do” based on some fictitious premise that will never happen. The fascists are in charge people. There is a reason you cannot write off student debt through bankruptcy…it was intentional and those who wrote that law intend to cash in forever. To solve the student loan crisis you need to put break the fascists rule. Something you won’t do through voting since they own the very mechanisms which govern elections. You will need to fight them…or accept their tyranny. Wishing is for children.


You did not apparently read the article. It is explicitly about how this massive scam is a prime opportunity to organize for popular exercise of power, to confront the looters. It is not about wishing.


I agree with webwalk. Articles such as this are useful for when the powers that be tell us that things cannot possibly be different, that we must accept things as they are because there are no decent alternatives. When they tell us that there is no decent alternative that is when we are listening to drivel, and articles such as this help us to know what the drivel is. Also, when the system collapses we will need to know what can be done when rebuilding it.


It’s sad that the majority of Amerikans ignore people like Ellen Brown and their forward thinking ideas, but cling to the ideas that keep them debt slaves. Perhaps Ron Paul is correct, Amerikans are the dumbest people on earth!


Thanks. It’s true we have been effectively enslaved by debt and there is no easy solution. But riots and revolt won’t work – the powers-that-be have already figured out how to block every move we might make by force; in fact they will profit by it, by having an excuse to impose a complete police state. So that leaves legal remedies, local remedies (e.g. publicly owned banks), and raising awareness among student debtors about what their remedies are and among prospective student debtors on how to avoid the same traps others have fallen into. I’m just a writer, so all I can do is aim for raising awareness. Hopefully younger people will be incentivized to go into politics and attempt to change the law. Start with local politics, where you can actually be heard and make a difference.


Young people go into politics…ha ha ha Is this a joke? Politics=Money=Corporate control, please, radical organizing of young students demanding FREE higher education will be the solution. All students STOP paying the vultures now.


Sure, but demanding it of whom? Politicians. Better if they had some of their own people in there. We have seen how futile marching in the streets is these days.