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Student Evacuated After Teacher Fires Gun: 'I Dare You to Tell Me Arming Teachers Will Make Us Safe'


Student Evacuated After Teacher Fires Gun: 'I Dare You to Tell Me Arming Teachers Will Make Us Safe'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As Florida lawmakers advanced legislation this week to allow the state's teachers to carry concealed weapons following the shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School earlier this month, a teacher in neighboring Georgia reportedly


it is obvious we have to arm the school superintendent, supervisor, principals and vice principals.
that will definitely eliminate any gun violence in the schools.


more weapons equals more deaths of us all! enuf already. The world must look at us with more dismay than usual. That may be a good thing. The U.S. does not deserve the respect of any other nation any more.


Other industrialized democracies have safe schools and near-to-zero mass shootings. The only difference is the number and accessibility of guns in the USA. Everything else – mental illness, “hardening” of schools, age restrictions – is an intentional distraction.


Guns have NO place in a civilized society. Therefore one can conclude the USA is an uncivilized society. Furthermore the USA is ruled by insanity. And gun lovers are among the most insane.


And is anyone surprised? You have a culture where shooting people is proof of your manhood and then mix it with easy access to guns of all kinds, and it’s a wonder that more people don’t get killed.

This teacher was just acting out whatever his culture has imposed on him. He wasn’t anymore crazy than anyone else who is responsible for mass killings. Fortunately he didn’t do anything that resulted in deaths, but there was on reason why it couldn’t have.


The NRA and their investors and lackeys are looking for ever more ‘markets’ for their deadly hardware including kids and teachers. Capitalism is a diseased state of heart and mind.


I grew up learning the hard way that some teachers are violent monsters at heart. In seventh grade one of them slammed the back of my head against the locker a number of separate times. In eleventh grade another one put a red welt on my chest with a latent threat of a severe beating, nothing compared to the seventh grade guy but still pretty evil. I was absolutely the cleanest kid in my high school too, church, very late bloomer so no sexual activity, no smoking or alcohol, weakling, smart, but I didn’t do my homework (earlier traumas) so I got beaten.

I’m sure that the monsters in each school will get the guns.


It’s the guns stupid; it’s the guns, always has been and always will be about the guns until we do something about it. Remove the gun from this incident or any gun violence scenario and what do you have? It’s a no-brainer but unfortunately many Americans have no logical thinking potential when it comes to reasonable gun possession and ownership. Next case! And there will be a next case, that I hope will not involve you and your loved ones. This from an Army veteran, retired police officer, patriot, that had an older police officer brother murdered by three ex-cons with guns when he interrupted a market robbery in progress. Any thought of arming teachers is an inane ruse and an attempted hoax on the American public.Have you ever wondered why the NRA does not allow weapons in its headquarters facility yet they want armed educators present in the first grade classrooms throughout our country? Wake up Americans, the wolf is at the door.


I really didn’t think this was a good idea in theory, now in practice… well maybe we should rethink things. The purpose of a school is to be a place of learning. A place where young people may learn how to read, write and do arithmetic. A young person needs to make a decision: Does he or she want to learn these skills or maybe not. The young person needs to bear in mind that not many jobs by means of which they may earn money, in other words, a living are available to persons who can’t read, write or do arithmetic. A young person also needs to bear in mind that they will somehow need to get along with other students as well as the teachers in the school, none or whom are perfect. What does a young person, or any person need to know to get along… A good person is sometimes called, “virtuous.” Such a person possesses virtues, a few of which are, tolerance, patience, humility, and fortitude, as in a quiet strength to bear up to challenging circumstances. A gun has no place in the life of a virtuous person unless they are going hunting for game to eat.


If I was a teacher I would insist on a fully automatic AR-16 because you never know if multiple bad guys show up. Its for the kids. What could go wrong with entire school admin armed with full auto M16’s?


A good guy without a gun doesn’t have to be overly concerned for his school aged children being mass- murdered by a bad guy without a gun. Think about it, if that’s not just a wee bit too complex for you to contemplate.


The fact that we cannot protect our children in school from being gunned down by madmen with military weapons and then follow it up with some adults actually recommending adding more guns in school via teachers as a solution, shows just how sick and diseased this country has become. This is madness. Just madness. At some point the rest of the world will build Trump’s wall around the entire country for him, just to keep the madness from spreading.



That’s a pretty good start, but is it enough? If people can enter our schools armed with AR-15’s, clearly they have to be outgunned. The key to providing a safe and secure environment conducive to learning is machine gun emplacements, manned by professionals, capable of directing enfilading fields of fire on every square inch of every classroom. Who wouldn’t feel all snug and cozy and relaxed in that environment?


I don’t believe guns need to be in school, or any other public place. But there’s something very wrong going on here, much bigger than gun control. We better find out what the hell it is. What is making so many people snap.


The first time a teacher shoots and kills one of the students, no one is ever going to want to go to that persons class. They are just trying to destroy public education. Shame of them.


I doubt this would even be getting this much consideration if it wasnt for trump pushing it , why anyone is still listening to this clown let alone taking him seriouslly is just insane. Day by day he is becoming more and more unhinged, and his party just smiles and tells him continually what a great leader he is and thank him for the priveledge of serving him…and you know the worst is yet to come…I think to say that at present this govt. is badlly broken, is not far off.


I suppose as part of a “well rounded education” those attending Universities to become schoolteachers will soon have to take courses like “Pre-emptive Personality Analytics 101” In this course you are taught how to determine which students in your class are threats to kill their fellow students. We teach you ways to predict their behaviour and how to anticipate when they will act violently so as to pre-emptively remove them as threats.

This course is intended as an Adjunct to your Military training where you practice at the use of Firearms and your reactions time tested taking out targets as quickly as possible.

Do people REALLY want children going to school and thinking to themself “This teacher MIGHT kill me” ?, and do people who want to educate Children really want to be feared by the same. This is just sickness.


Being possible fodder for a crazed 14 year old boy baby mass shooter is enough to make many teachers snap.

Heck, kids all over this country, even in good suburban hoods carry big guns on campus all the time. They regularly flash them in the boys room as if to illustrate clearly, “Don’t f&8k with me.”

This is standard fare today, in many many schools. And why won’t the kids tell on them? How safe would anyone feel doing that?

As I see it, metal detectors (with trained security personnel) at every entrance, auto lockdown door security, and a multitude of other innovative security measures are a good start.

We could make these a thing of the past with enough financial will, and willingness to respect scientific facts about guns/violence.


Regarding this news, could even Kurt Vonnegut, or Kafka, have made this stuff up in their fiction?