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Students are Striking for Action on Climate Change—a Truancy Everyone Should Applaud


Students are Striking for Action on Climate Change—a Truancy Everyone Should Applaud

Haven Coleman, Bill McKibben

Consider this a note explaining why one of us will be absent from school on March 15 — and why everyone else should applaud this truancy.


My spouse and I are childless. Amongst some educated couples, this seems to be an increasingly popular cop-out. We didn’t have the guts to introduce this world to a baby human, or perhaps we had the prudence. At any rate, I cannot imagine how it feels to know what I cannot unlearn about earth science, and to also have a heart mostly owned by a kindergartener, a little voyager looking like me who will be 85 in the year 2100.

We’re blessed, because there’s a neighborhood park around the corner, with the sound of children’s laughter and mock-screams most afternoons. There’s no music more magical. I have just enough strength to try imagining how it would feel to be directly responsible for that music, beneath the lowering clouds… but not for long. It’s more than I can bear, I’m that overwhelmed by grief.


Go and strike students! YOU’ll learn more in the streets and from speakers and colleagues than you could ever learn from Ms DeVos. Besides, striking for real science is what real patriots do, even if they can’t vote yet! : )


I’m over 50 and decided not to procreate. Your comment reminded me of some of the lyrics from Bob Dylan’s Masters of War, raging against those responsible:

“You play with my world
Like it’s your little toy”

“You’ve thrown the worst fear
That can ever be hurled
Fear to bring children
Into the world
For threatening my baby
Unborn and unnamed
You ain’t worth the blood
That runs in your veins”

“But there’s one thing I know
Though I’m younger than you
That even Jesus would never
Forgive what you do”


Good for them! A lot of them have nothing to lose and that makes the GOP scared, angry and distressed.


Everywhere I look and read it’s “good for them” or “I’m childless because I saw the writing on the wall” WTF PEOPLES??? it isn’t just them, what about you too??? Get off your ass and do something, you live here too Dammit!!!


Many of us in the ‘boomer’ generation cut school to attend ‘teach-ins’ about the war on Viet Nam and the invasion of Cambodia. I received more seminal education that year about the world I live in and the culture here that uses a plethora of variations on ‘razor wire’ with media and ‘dirty tricks’ - being reminded by the rearing of the ugly heads of bottom feeding unindicted co-conspirators / war criminals Elliot Abrams, for an egregious encore AND MUST BE STOPPED.

All of these concerns are interconnected, as are all of our responses.
The word “truant” and its twisted meaning- particularly given the state of education today:

truant (n.)

c. 1200, “beggar, vagabond,” from Old French truant “beggar, rogue” (12c.), as an adjective, “wretched, miserable, of low caste,” from Gaulish *trougant- (compare Breton *truan, later truant “vagabond,” Welsh truan “wretch,” Gaelic truaghan “wretched”), of uncertain origin. Compare Spanish truhan “buffoon,” from same source. Meaning “one who wanders from an appointed place,” especially “a child who stays away from school without leave” is first attested mid-15c.

Cant say ‘truant’ without including the homonym ‘true’ and all that the word encompasses in addressing the conundrums of the squalid mess begotten by predatory capitalism. Interesting to note the origins of ‘truant’ as a scurrilous, patriarchal, demeaning dehumanization and there you may witness its legacy.


The grassroots cannot do much until 2020. Hopefully the corporate media covers the Senate races closer and they do not focus too much on the Presidency. The MSM does a terrible job of covering the Senate/House and giving too much attention to the Presidency.


Sorry, I am from a different time and place, there is much that can be done.


Of course a lot of things can be done, however it does not cause change or results. Look at all the protests and petitions. They have been fruitless.


The fight against the Viet Nam war wasn’t won over night when you consider Kennedy took over for the French.