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Students at Yale Law School, Kavanaugh's Alma Mater, Join Nationwide Protests Against His Confirmation

Students at Yale Law School, Kavanaugh's Alma Mater, Join Nationwide Protests Against His Confirmation

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Alongside nationwide walkouts and Capitol Hill protests, hundreds of students at Yale Law School (YLS) demonstrated on and off campus on Monday to demand thorough and fair investigations into the multiple allegations of sexual assault that women have levied against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh, this one’s for you…


Wow, I am really impressed with these law students at Yale. George Bush graduated from Yale-----I wondered what it took to get in and if he got in -----was it really so wonderful?
Thank you Yale students—you do stand for fairness and justice----and not rushing to justice. either

I parked my faith in Harvard Square
till one guy said no God is there.
So faith was lost was TRUTH gone too?
NO! For students wise—we do thank you!

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All the malfeasance in DC gives law professors a lot of material to work with setting up mock trials, etc. thereby giving today’s law students a first rate education !


If Bret Kavanaugh is so innocent as he said on Fox, why don’t he take a liar detector test or have the FBI investigate him. Talk is cheap. I admire those who are protesting against his confirmation.


Amy Chua, a Yale professor who wrote a bestselling book on parenting called Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, was known for instructing female law students who were preparing for interviews with Kavanaugh on ways they could dress to exude a “model-like” femininity to help them win a post in Kavanaugh’s chambers, according to sources.
–From the Guardian link in this article.

This isn’t “youthful indiscretion” from 36 years ago anymore. Justice John Thomas has now fully matured into his immaturity.


Bit by bit we move from resistance to revolt.


Good for them – glad to see them out –

but anyone who thinks that Kavanaugh is happening due to some mistake
is making a mistake in their thinking, themselves.

Disappointed that women’s groups – where’s NOW, Naral, Fund For Feminist Majority? –
haven’t organized candlelight rallies in evenings leading up to the Thursday testimony of
Dr. Christine Blasey and to show support for her.

It’s also important that our States, Counties, Towns SEE the opposition to Kavanaugh.

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I preduct the only negative consequences will fall, as usual, on the women, those who spoke out and the professor for her ‘career guidance’ to female students. Prove me wrong, America, please.

We must fight authoritarian practices in ways that set precedent, reference the Constitution, reference institutions, document, document, document… because those who benefit from authoritarian abuses are abusers of economic systems, systems of governance, modes of communication - anything they can get their hands on.

Things are EXTREMELY harsh and deadly for peoples - indigenous and traditional who are connected to the land - and this, all over the world. Land grabs in the name of the travesty of “agribusiness” and oil/minerals are one of the ways the effete “elite” are cannibalizing the planet because they’ve chewed through the finance/bank fraud possibilities including “austerity”.

Folks who have been benefiting from the marginalization of abuse are waking up from the american “dream” to the ice cold shower of their own nightmare realities. Keep fighting the narratives that fail to produce evidence. Kavanaugh has introduced a belly full of evidence that has been shunned and denied for far too long. This will continue to unfold into the stream of practices inextricably connected to the assumption of impunity: the terms of abusive ideology.

By the by, could we please have the human dimensions of corporations fully explained? I dare say the juicy nubbins of related “impunity” abuses undoubtedly abound. Talk about a frat boy style notion…

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That is because we don’t control the messaging system.

In fact it is probably the opposite. imagine what it takes to break thru the filtering
By the time we see it, it is probably one of a hundred that never got reported.

I look for the time where the pocket video with resident citizens taking and delivering statements will be the truthful forum

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One of my favorite groups. Saw them live in 1970.