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'Students Have Led and We Must Follow': Thousands of Scientists From 40 Nations Join Global Climate Strike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/19/students-have-led-and-we-must-follow-thousands-scientists-40-nations-join-global

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The climate striking youth are calling us all out of our comfort zones, and it is now the duty of scientists and all adults to support them."

You bet it is !

Me and the fam are off to City Hall Calgary tomorrow at noon, fates willing.

I demand R&D for:

Thermally storing two days worth of solar-sourced heating or cooling for any building

A 300-mpg equivalent transit system that can easily outperform cars in an urban downtown.

Several competing ways of storing solar-sourced energy for electricity generation after sunset.

Devices to restore the Arctic Ocean’s ice pack before the Arctic releases 1.7 trillion tons of greenhouse gases.

I’d also suggest a greenhouse that can sustainably grow plants in almost any weather, except that greenhouse is done already, thanks.

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Turn everything off and then unplug, go outside and join in…while you still can.

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A lot of food doesn’t need to be cooked: fruit, greens, the cabbage family, carrots, radishes, tomatoes, coriander, beans, garlic, onion. Increase the raw food portion of your diet. Just don’t try eating eggplant or potatoes raw.
Soaking noodles and rice and beans before cooking reduces their cooking time.

Every time I hear Bill McKibben start up his old “the biggest demonstration in the history of…” routine, a question nags at me, which I’ll share with you this morning. It’s the same question I vex myself with every time I attend an action. It’s entirely possible for status-quo PTB to co-opt the whole process into a harmless venting of steam, a pressure valve. In fact, it usually works out that way.

How to tell the difference? Or, suppose there were a concerted effort to shunt energies off into a lot of boring speeches, punctuated by regular, mandatory choruses of “Woooo!” Into making the whole experience so tedious you’ll never do that again. How might it be possible to resist the inevitable, recurrent, deadly onslaught of mediocrity – to seize this thing and make it into something revolutionary?



Ditch your clothes dryer. Few Chinese have one and most Chinese are also still washing clothes by hand. Recent generations in the Western world have adopted a whole host of unnecessary electrical gadgets for home food play. Ditch them too.

I agree about ditching many electronic gadgets, however the washing machine isn’t one of them. I love my clotheslines (inside and in the back yard) and drying racks.

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Exactly. Marching for “urgent action” – forgive my lack of enthusiasm, when there’s no actual demand, of anyone, anywhere in sight. Just “urgent action” – which is practically up there with “God” in the fluffly realms of define-it-how-you-like. So far, this strongly resembles a global counter-revolutionary action, a pressure valve. Not revolutionary. Obviously not intended to be.

I saw a bumper sticker which sums it up: “Someone should DO something!” As articulate and specific a call for urgent action as I’ve seen anywhere…

I would use a solar dryer but in my HUD housing for old folks we can’t have one.