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Students in Madison March for Tony Robinson


Students in Madison March for Tony Robinson

Rebecca Kemble

Yesterday my daughter and hundreds of her classmates at Madison East High School walked out of school and marched nearly three miles to the Wisconsin State Capitol in honor of Tony Robinson, the nineteen-year old mixed race boy who was shot five times in the chest and killed by a police officer last Friday night.


Condolences to family and friends of Tony Robinson. Thank you students of Madison for your dignity and courage. Please know how deeply appreciated is your unity in these two treasured values in the face of this - another - tragedy.

Oooh yes, those “complexities”. All of the policies on the books based on keeping centuries of “externalized costs” off the ‘books’. The interface between revenue, law and policy and their abuses, profit, privatization and dehumanization of members of society.

How much of those “complexities” are the result of legislative manipulation by ALEC and its forerunners to set the stage for the bulldozer of “privatization”?


I’m curious: Have there been any reports of police shooting a white person? Also, do black cops shoot anyone?


at this writing 2 ferguson police men were shot. as to the students of madison do not let the ‘very nice’ police co-opt you. what the u.s. is doing for justice here is just as bad as what the u.s. is doing in the world. domination and supremacy must be fought in america or there will be no world. nice intellectual words like hegemony mean nothing compared to what the u.s. fascists have in store. good luck and fists high.