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Students March #50MilesMore to Deliver Gun Reform Demands to Paul Ryan's Doorstep


Students March #50MilesMore to Deliver Gun Reform Demands to Paul Ryan's Doorstep

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Wisconsin high school students are marching 50 miles over four days from the state capital to the hometown of U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan to demand gun safety legislation as part of the student-led movement that has followed the massacre of 17 people in Parkland, Florida last month.


Ryan will resign before suffering an embarrassing loss in November.


Right, the kids have courage–Ryan does not. He will be probably be slinking our sooner than later: fingers crossed!


Good for these kids!

I couldn’t make out all the lines of the chant. Did one line say ”We’re bleeding”?

Hopefully other kids will either join this march or do some of their own to their own NRA whore-politicians.


If Speaker Ryan really said what this article says he said, then he has so far misread the message being sent by the anti-gun violence movement. The Walk-Out, the March for Our Lives, the National Day of Action on April 20, and #50MilesMore are signs of the formation of a political movement. The movement is gaining power. If Ryan and other politicians don’t change their minds about gun-control legislation, the kids will call BS, up the pressure, and do all they can to vote for someone who will. It looks to me like the demands for change remain foremost in the minds of the kids and they are bringing many adults along with them. The old ways, the current ways won’t work. Change is required and it is coming.


When I was 17 and Marching on Washington to protest the Vietnam War, times were a whole lot different.

We were hated by many groups, even some of our parents.

Times have changed.

The “Haters” that support Trump are always going to Hate.

In my time, I think one of the key changes occurred when the Vietnam Vets Against The War joined the cause.

Yes, the kids have once again created change, and it’s now up to everyone else to catch up to them, and join the movement.

Don’t be late for the Revolution!