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Students Take Lead to Reclaim US Public Education from Corporate Assault



With protests about almost everything going on around the country they have the nerve to attack our children. This one is the final straw. Our kids are being tested and data mined to death. They are encouraged to fall in line, never object and for God's sake don't think critically. We need to stop this insanity.
We have to fight Republicans and Democrats alike as both are out for only themselves and corporations. I hope Bernie will run Independent and help us reel in this insatiable greed.


This problem is solved when a society under thrall to corporate power stops commodifying our children and looking at schools as profit centers. They are long term investments in a thriving democracy and economy, from which society profits through entrepreneurship, research, and providing beneficial goods and services.

I think we can see how well the corporatization of our educational system is working out. Just ask college students holding $1 trillion plus in debt.