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Study: 83% of Tap Water Around the Globe Tested Positive for Tiny Plastic Fibers


Study: 83% of Tap Water Around the Globe Tested Positive for Tiny Plastic Fibers

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"Microscopic plastic fibers are flowing out of taps from New York to New Delhi," according to a recent investigation by Orb Media, which found plastic contamination in 83 percent of drinking water samples gathered from more than a dozen countries on five continents.


This information is most alarming-
I have long held that the plastics industry needs to be reined in and eventually eliminated- There should at least be A HEAVY tax on this industry that would go towards the cleanup of our waterways- The Pacific gyre is growing and there will soon be more plastic weight in the oceans than sea life…

In an otherwise sane world, the Governments of the World should be focused on reintroducing HEMP cultivation to this planet- Hemp would replace the plastics industry, the “Big Oil” hydrocarbon industry, the cotton industry, the Monsanto/gmo fertilizer/insecticide/seed industry, the forage for farm animals, food for human beings and on and on…

HEMP doesn’t degrade our soil, produces multiple crops per year, is biodegradable, makes superior clothing, building materials, nutritious food, superior oils for heating and consumption and would put more people to work! HEMP would also help clean carbon dioxide from our air- What do we have to lose?

HEMP cultivation could literally save our planet!!!


Mothers of Invention singing “Plastic People”. Zappa, ahead of his time, again.


We’re #1 !


Frank Zappa was A genius that saw through all of the bull shit trappings of our draconian Government long before most anyone-


This doesn’t surprise me in this country where business is paramount. It would be nice to know how to avoid this contamination. Will Brita filters work? How about bottled waters? Are they worse/better?


Bottled water usually means plain old tap water- I seriously doubt that you will escape plastic fibers with bottled water- Bottled water also usually comes in plastic bottles, so you are still getting A dose of plastic…

Maybe an osmosis filtration system???


Where are our resident techno-apologists to explain to us alarmists that there is nothing to be alarmed about?

Human greed and hubris clawed their way to the top of the economic and political heap, and they could give a shit about anything but their own fantasies of aggrandizement.


Yeah, I figured that. I read a report I think by the Environmental Working Group (a great web site by the way) about water quality being poor with bottled water. I’d think those that advertise reverse osmosis filtration might be better, right? The bottles are plastic, but I don’t think they leech plastic. At least I hope not. I’ve never heard about that until now. I’ve heard about BPA but bottled waters mostly take that out now.


All I know is that the bottled water is susceptible to heat, so don’t leave A case in the car on A hot day- How the bottles were treated up until then is anyone’s guess-
I also understand that reusing the bottles is A bad idea from the plastic contamination point of view- I tend to think the worse and avoid them if possible-
It is only when I am out and about and thirsty that I will pick up A bottle-

It is nice to have my own deep well with an artesian spring not far from the house-
I know many are not blessed with this situation and are forced to buy water out of nesessity…
And yes, I would go with the reverse osmosis every time!


may all that plastic suddenly glomb together and kill each drinker of water in this administration.


OK … I’m a bit shocked at this and the idea that our scientists have just become
aware of this?

Any farmer could have likely told us this –
or anyone who actually cleans their window sills.

But haven’t we known for decades that pollutants are entering our bodies.

Female breast milk has 37% rocket fuel – and we’ve known that for ages.

And, more than one-third of all Honey is now polluted by Monsanto’s “Roundup” –


FDA Finds Monsanto’s Weed Killer In U.S. Honey


Sep 14, 2016 · FDA Finds Monsanto’s Weed …
“I don’t understand how I’m supposed to control the level of glyphosate in my honey when I’m not the one using Roundup,” one …

Globally, we’ve also been living under a system of government dominated by males which holds
onto its power by violence and rigged elections paid for with great wealth gained from criminal activities.

THIS is where the right to self-defense comes in.


" In a perfect world everyone would be a very liberal republican ". Frank Zappa
Incidentally, my first and favorite punk band was named Tiny Plastic Fibers. This is just so majorially coincidental. They fronted the Butthole Surfers in Austin in 1989, I think. Awesome display, really.


Your link didn’t seem to work. Try this:


This is a good sentence. It reminds me of Siouxrose and her descriptions of “Mars Rules” being the source of many of the world’s problems. She was right, and so are you!


How prophetic! Now we have actual tiny plastic fibers surfing our buttholes.



I agree with your post but am annoyed by its slight sexism as the overwhelming vast majority of us males are in no way anywhere near any of the levers of power. For the most part it currently is mostly only the greediest and power hungry who qualify to touch those levers, and, as far as the lower economic classes are concerned, there is a systematic problem in how representatives are selected. Be that as it may, if you want to balance the m-f ratio in governing structures to end the male bias the simplest and possibly the fairest way to do it would be to give each riding or voting unit two representatives. One rep would be male and one rep would be female. The balance becomes automatic. Each voter would vote for a male and a female representative. Each voter would expect both representatives to represent him/her and could approach and petition either one, or could contact the one that best represented him/her on a particular issue.

A variation of this would be to offset the male ridings from the female ridings so that in each male riding there would be 4 female ridings that each in turn overlapped 4 male ridings. To get a broad and oversimplified visual picture of what I am talking about you can imagine two see-through chessboards, one on top of the other, with the top board offset so that its vertices were aligned to the centers of the squares on the bottom board. Each square would be a riding. There would be four important advantages to offsetting the ridings in this fashion. One is that it becomes far more difficult to jury-rig ridings. Two, it forces each riding to compromise more with its neighbors and be concerned more with its neighbors because in this overlapping riding system each male riding shares electors with 4 female ridings, and each female riding shares electors with 4 male ridings. The third advantage is that the m-f ratio in governing structures is automatically balanced. The forth advantage is that each elector gets two representatives and is thus more likely to have a representative with somewhat similar views and concerns (Quite possibly at times a majority of voters would have representatives from 2 different parties). If you want to keep the total number of representatives constant the ridings can be doubled in size.

Note that the overlapping ridings system describe above does not solve the problem that only the greediest seem to qualify to touch the levers of power. That is another discussion.


I have been noticing that for a while now Siouxrose has not been participating much if at all in these discussions. I almost never agreed with her “Mars Rules” posts but mostly found her other posts worthwhile to read and consider. Does anyone know why she has disappeared?


Yes, it is pretty amazing. Scientists have just discovered that we are living in a sea of plastic junk! Who knew? Maybe we’d better do something about it. Like let’s all get a pair of tweezers and start picking up all that plastic debris we have been throwing willy-nilly out into the environment for the last 70 or so years, so we can deposit it neatly into a plastic-bag lined waste basket. We’d better get on it right away, we’ve got a lot of work to do…

All joking aside, I HATE plastic! I cannot believe how it has taken over everything! You know, you can barely buy a jar of peanut butter in a glass jar anymore! But when I finish my peanut butter, I need to scrape every last bit of it out of the jar. If you do that in a plastic container with a knife, you are gonna end up scraping off the plastic with the PB!! :angry: [Actually, I discovered what was going on at a Wegman’s a while ago. They sell the same peanut butter in plastic container, and glass jar like I like it. But the peanut butter in the glass jar is $1 more, sigh!] I also cringe at the thought, that so much piping in now done with plastics. I mean like even the pipes that carry water from water-supply to your faucet! I just find that something wrong there. I feel like its sacrilegious or something. And I just cannot believe when I see people buying water in stores (like I saw them doing as a result of that incident in Flint, Michigan a while ago). Can’t they buy their water in nice gallon jugs like I do?? No, they have to buy these stupid plastic wrapped bricks of a dozen or so of these little bottles of water. The whole thing is like a brick of plastic with a few drops of water thrown in. ARGH!! Doesn’t anyone stop to think how much waste those stupid little containers of water generate. :rage:


I could not agree more- Plastic is more than ubiquitous and needs to be eliminated from our lives-
HEMP is the answer, and then there is the plastic cleanup that looks to be more and more impossible all the time-