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Study: Antarctic Ice Sheets May Melt Even Faster than Previously Predicted


Study: Antarctic Ice Sheets May Melt Even Faster than Previously Predicted

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Antarctic ice has the potential to melt faster than predicted, and could contribute to sea level rise of up to six feet by 2100, according to a new report published Wednesday.


Just more and more confirmation of what many other studies and scientists have been saying for years. I think these studies are themselves way to conservative. We could be seeing rapid non-linear sea rise much sooner then later if CO2 and Methane emissions aren’t stopped ASAP. The likelihood of that happening is zilch, so we can probably kiss most of the planet’s coastal cities and towns good-bye before 2100.


The reality is that these studies take time to do. The last two years of excessive warming (usually described as record warming) may not even be factored in. So from the start every report and study is slightly outdated and behind the curve.

The rate of melt should be shown as a metric of warming. The rate increases each year and the news is dismaying. It is safe to say that it is worse than we say simply because the collection and analysis of data is not immediate.

Sadly it seems that we will need a catastrophic megastorm or some such to convince people that this all just won’t go away.

The amount of ice at the pole this year will be scary to behold after so warm a winter. It is so unbelievable that we take such a relaxed and almost casual concern about climate change!

Freaking Twilight Zone stuff. >>> “Imagine if you will…” Says Serling… The end of the world as we know it and everybody knows it will happen and little is being done to prevent it!"

If you think they will be gone by 2100 boy are you living in the Wishful Thinking Zone. At this rate 2050 will be a very bad year… For f’n everything.


People used to think that science was making untenable, pie in the sky claims about the pace of global warming, so much so that they risked being called chicken littles. But now, as the sky does appear to be falling, they risk being considered illegitimate for not screaming louder.
Ah, humans. We ignored this as long as we possibly could, and now we stand on the beach, watching the water creep closer to our homes and wonder, who shit in my pants?


Spontaneous methane release - one of the feared tipping points:

2.17 "…Methane hydrate occurs in all of the oceans as well as on land. The green dots show occurrences in the northern permafrost regions. Occurrences identified by geophysical methods are indicated by red. The occurrences shown by blue dots were verified by direct sampling.

"…Depending on the mathematical model employed, present calculations of their abundance range between 100 and 530,000 gigatons of carbon. Values between 1000 and 5000 gigatons are most likely.
That is around 100 to 500 times as much carbon as is released into the atmosphere ­annually by the burning of coal, oil and gas.…

“…According to these models, only the methane hydrates that are located directly at the boundaries of the stability zones would be primarily affected. At these locations, a temperature increase of only 1 degree ­Celsius would be sufficient to release large amounts of methane from the hydrates. The methane hydrates in the open ocean at around 500 metres of water depth, and deposits in the shallow regions of the Arctic would mainly be affected…”

North Sea surface temperature increased by approx 1.5 DegC over the last 25 years.


We talk and talk and talk and still do nothing. The Paris accord is useless and just more lip sevice that will continue to create a living hell very soon. Human caused climate change agreements need to be created in the form of treaties that are binding not just lip service.
America is one of the biggest contributors to climate change just in the way it sells it’s coal and methane supplies toi foreign governments while preaching goods climate policy.
As long as greed overrides good sense we will continue to create a world that is a living hell for our children and grandchildren.

Don’t forget that at one time the American Southwest was a big ocean and could become one again.