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Study: At Least 15,600 Premature Deaths Resulted From GOP Blocking Medicaid Expansion

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/08/study-least-15600-premature-deaths-resulted-gop-blocking-medicaid-expansion

A GREAT argument for M4A but I do have a question: How can they actually do a count like this and come up with an accurate number?
(Seriously curious, no snark)

The ACA should have never been passed to begin with. Just added one more huge roadblock to Medicare for All with millions without healthcare even IF nothing would have been blocked.

Warren? Still not moved about the predicament of millions as she reinforces “pragmatic” solutions .

Sanders of course will not win the nomination. Not a chance.

Corporate State Democrats will make damn sure of that and damn sure the monstrosity of this cruel fucking system persists for generations to come.

Fuck all of them.

And spare me how ACA helped some people. That’s not the point.


15,600 Murders for greed thanks to Republicans

And, with a nice assist by the SCOTUS.
Of course, this incomplete expansion of Medicaid goes back to white racism and gut-level hate of " the other ". It sticks out like a sore thumb.
Native Americans in the Great Plains, African-American folks and Hispanic-Americans in The Old Confederate States. 21st Century gov’t criminal inaction by a bunch of cretins.


You’re absolutely correct Chicken, the Corporate Democrats will not bite the hand that has fed them for decades.

Fuck em all. FEA


Kentucky has 4.5 million residents. The former governor, Bevins, disqualified 460,000 citizens from dental and vision care. The next sentence tells us that 1.4 million Kentucky citizens are on medicaid.
31% of citizens is possible but very tragic. Great depression #2 has not ended there.

Children do need dental check ups. Perhaps county health departments can find a method to provide.

Earlier today on another blog there was someone posting about how Phat Boy isn’t so bad because Bush killed a lot more people. While it is true that Bush needs to spend the rest of his life in a room at The Hague, this column shows that the number of Americans who died because of Bush is way lower than the number who have died because of Phat Boy.

this REGIME is killing it own people it has to go

SMH…My favorite part is that wanting to remedy this intolerable situation makes one a “Communist,” according to Republicans.

Sociopaths enjoy hurting people, killing people, causing pain anyway they can, it’s their nature. Donnie Shit-Smear and his Merry Band of Re-Thug-lican sociopaths are just doing what comes naturally for them. For those of you who don’t know our country is run by sociopaths, you have my pity.

The ACA was designed this way. O bummer and his corporate dicks knew the republicans would deny expansion to most of the poor. Problem is they set this up as mostly privatized HMO insurance that is almost impossible for the poor to access. Doctors are miles away. Waiting list 6 months long for an MRI or other diagnostics. Try taking a sick baby on a bus 20 miles away to See a doctor.