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Study Calls for Rapid "Negative Emissions" as Scientist Warns "Shit's Hitting the Fan"


Study Calls for Rapid "Negative Emissions" as Scientist Warns "Shit's Hitting the Fan"

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The "shit is hitting is the fan," said noted climate scientist James Hansen, countering "this narrative out there…that we have turned the corner on dealing with the climate problem."


Good luck with that!  Per the New York Times as quoted in this week’s The Week magazine, worldwide there are about sixteen hundred (1600, count 'em, 1600) NEW coal-fired power plants that are planned or under con­struction in 62 countries – a 43% increase in coal-generated electricity.  The problem is going to get worse – MUCH worse – before it gets better . . .


The shite’s been in the fan for quite some time - decades - Rachel Carson tried to warn us but we have been so damn stupid and distracted by the opium of the moment - governed by corrupt ignorance and nothing will be done even now. The “economy” and profits uber alles rules the planet - vulture capitalism - especially the depraved trump regime and their R’Con co-conspirator nutters. At best we might - just might - see some rearranging of the deck chairs on the Titanic earth…“just find a place to make your stand, and take it easy”…


Excerpt from article:

“Simply put, the burden placed on young people and future generations may become too heavy to bear."

I wish I believed the operative word “may” in the above sentence . . . the burden “may” become too heavy to bear suggests that it might not be that heavy of a burden . . . that it might be OK . . it might be manageable.

At this moment in time nothing is ok in earth’s systems. From where I sit, the air is dense from wildfire smoke (in upper midwest), monarchs have declined 90% and numbers are still dropping, waters are tainted, soil denuded, trees dying and more.

My god, one would have to be willfully deaf, blind and basically insensate not to —on some level—realize most all earth’s life forms are in a death spiral and this is a burden that anyone who has even a small time left on earth will experience. Yes, those that are in denial may skate out of here in their idiotic state of ignorance before the planet becomes uninhabitable . . but the burden is here now and it is titanic (pun intended).

As an aside----- I wrote this before reading your post above emphyrio!


And yes, “shit is hitting the fan” and will get worse with methane release:


I am completely on-board with the findings of this report and support it wholeheartedly. I find it however ironic to see how cities in my area (Northern California) are trying to improve recycling efforts whilst water bottling and other beverage companies have been increasing the number of plastic bottle output by 100’s fold. Since the ocean plastic garbage reports came out a few years ago there has been a dramatic increase in the use of plastic water bottles. Just take a look around any super market in your area and you will see water bottles bundled in plastic wraps everywhere.

I think the concerned citizens and the conscientious people must approach our city, county and state government officials to put a break on the use of plastics despite them being recyclable with a deposit.

It seems quite obvious that recycling gambit has been a dismal failure since the industry has been using it as an excuse to dump more crap into the earth. Our cities and localities don’t seem to be truly dedicated in cleaning up our shit either.


I firmly believe that the seriousness of GHG’s needed to be addressed in the 1970’s around the time of the oil crisis. But no the dumbass politicians lowered the speed limit and after a few years the crisis was promptly forgotten. So now 50 years later and many billions of people more we have a real crisis unfolding, in slow motion, before all of us with real threats to those children coming of age in the near future.(I don’t have any children) Yet the leaders bury their noses and heads in the sand a hope it goes away, at least on their watch anyway. Also as bad as the global warming forced climate disruption is the more immediate threat is the direct poisoning of the entire planet especially the oceans. The crisis is already happening in other parts of the world with increased droughts, loss of crops, depleted fish supplies, choking emissions from cars and coal, etc. And last; carbon capture is still really a pipedream meant to ease growing concerns over the real threat of forced disruption of environmental and social support systems. Do what you can to live as green as you can but until governments really address maters, i.e, the military, meat production, deforestation, etc., we’ll continue to be threatened be ever increasing ecological threats.


The problems with “negative emissions” are probably insurmountable. We should rapidly revise farming and forestry practices to sequester as much carbon as possible. That’s the only practical, proven methodology - but it leaves the carbon in the soil, another “surface reservoir” from which it can return to the atmosphere fairly quickly, when you consider massive fires, heat waves, floods, insect infestations, and so on.

As to more technological means of sucking carbon out of the atmosphere, the first problem is that no demonstration project has ever been launched. Some eminent scientists like Wally Broecker (who coined the term “global warming”) have dedicated decades to this challenge, with no demonstrable results, and no clear idea of where to sequester the extracted carbon. Another problem where there may be no solution: how to store carbon as secure as the deep fossil reservoirs it was extracted from?

But the big problem with the concept of negative emissions technology is that it appears to violate the second law of thermodynamics by seeking to reverse the arrow of time, called entropy. Negative entropy is just physically impossible for the same reason a perpetual motion machine is impossible.

I would hope that reasonable people could retain healthy skepticism regarding the feasibility of negative emissions technology - but the IPCC has factored this fairy tale into most of its projected scenarios.


I can’t believe there’s a goon here linking to a fascist Robert Spencer rag like “American Thinker.”


There they go still faking that melting polar ice cap!


Our local fossil fool evidently doesn’t know the difference between an ice cap and an ice sheet. Sheesh!

(Apologies: I know everyone, including me, should ignore the fascist trolls.)


See now, you are so cute! No really. Now play nice and maybe we will have cookies and milk before your nappie!


Ice sheet is losing mass as well. I imagine neither you nor mcsandbox have noticed the rather large ice cube that only recently broke off from the Ross ice shelf?

Nevertheless, it just amazes everybody how those liberals can fake a melting (north) polar ice cap like they do. Really sneaky!


On Whidbey Island, the military has been flying combat jets for years. They do touch and go operations on a small field south of Coupville. They have a firefighting school there, too. Now, the aquifer has been contaminated and water has become undrinkable on much of the island. The Navy’s response is to provide bottled water for drinking to the residents. There is concern for the animals on the island, as they are drinking water from the same aquifer. There is also concern about bathing or showers as the chemical involved has been shown to be absorbed through the skin.

  • Yesterday I got an e-mail that a meeting I had intended to attend had been cancelled. “Something’s wrong with the water and the city has shut it down. There isn’t even water to flush the toilet.”
  • Most of the islands out here exist on their well water. When the aquifer dies, so does the island.
  • But, the Navy doesn’t seem to care much, as long as they can continue to train and fly their noisy damned Growlers every day, and on into the night. After all, they can have thousands of tons of fresh water trucked in to them, at taxpayers expense.
  • The System is broken, and nobody is willing to fix it, as long as the blood covered profits keep coming in to MIMIC.


In Ohio where I live, there is no deposit requirement on plastic or aluminum beverage containers, so there is no financial incentive for recycling. Most of us are just mindless consumers.



Where is your reference? Please quote the source for this comment as I cannot find any hard data on such a number as you cited. Count em? Yes I would like to. Btw…planned projects are of doubtful veracity. India has until just recently planned a large number of coal plants but is in the process of canceling them! China is doing so as well with many (not all) of theirs!

Say that so many coal fired plants are planned is deceptive and invalid. Is this some reporters opinion? Plants under construction would be something else again. China is also closing down many coal fired plants ( some quite new) and replacing them with advanced solar and wind plants.

Please quote the wording of your source from the Times.


You cite a speculative paper from 2015 and ignore the reality of the gigantic Larsen C ice shelf that just broke off from Antarctica?

Do you call yourself an intellectual? I’m curious. Do you?


Carbon dioxide can be absorbed from the atmosphere by simple inorganic chemical processes or by massive reforestation. This does not violate the Second Law at all. The overall entropy increase must happen for a closed system. The Earth is not a closed system thermodynamically, as it can absorb and emit radiation. In fact, if we had been wiser and avoided the AGW mess completely, even then the overall entropy of the universe would keep increasing (because the universe is a closed system). Simply put, the Second Law considerations are not relevant in tackling AGW.

There was some news that Bhutan is already carbon negative. It can be done, but I would be skeptical of any new high technology to do this (as that likely will need energy input). The best way is to: a) increase forest cover, b) decrease energy use, c) convert to renewable sources of energy. Convert all golf courses to forests as a starter.



Um? As to your point about fudged (Hinted? Are you joking? Hinted? Lol) data. Scientists don’t hint. They say it is so or they say it isn’t so. No hinting lol.

I read the article which is ridiculous. So are you saying that the average global temperatures that are arrived at each year and published are false? Do tell!

Are you saying that the temperature figures shown year by year are false as if no one could look back a year or two to see if the figures cited for that year proved correct or not? Lol.

Wow you are really fun! A bit silly but hey,…! Lol


The thermodynamic question is whether the carbon can be absorbed at a lower cost, in terms of power, than was derived from burning the hydrocarbons in the first place. Sound forestry and farming practices certainly work in the short term, but in the long view, the carbon remains in a surface reservoir. Your “simple inorganic chemical process” has never been simply implemented, not anywhere. Why not? Probably because the mining, construction, and sequestration costs (again, speaking in terms of power, not monetary costs) are clearly exorbitant.

What if someone proposed a technology that should seamlessly glue together a shattered vase with less work than was entailed in dropping it off the table? You might agree there’s a basic entropic problem with this concept. Now consider extracting highly compressed carbon which has been deep underground for millions of years, and scattering it to the four winds. There truly is no way to put the genie back in the bottle, and the popular delusion to the contrary is not helpful to understanding the damage wreaked by fossil fuels.

(Incidentally, there has been extensive scientific discussion of entropic problems with Carbon Capture and Storage. I’ll concede that my conclusion is an outlier, but your assertion that entropy is irrelevant is tantamount to dismissing the relevance of physical law - which is not scientific.)