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Study Confirms GOP Medicaid Work Requirements Succeeded in Taking People's Healthcare, But Did Nothing to Boost Employment

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/20/study-confirms-gop-medicaid-work-requirements-succeeded-taking-peoples-healthcare

What? The GOP or Dem Dums should help poor people get jobs? Why waste time doing that when it’s against your Depopulation Plan? People need to wake up and face reality… It’s gonna get a lot worse.

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A little shameful throwing good democrats, fighting for healthcare rights, under the bus with the GOP. We don’t care for the ones that take insurance company donations, which most congress critters do. But even so, some fight against GOP supported anti patient legislation.

I thought I would jump in here before the (duopoly) is accused of burning babies or killing grandma.


So, working as designed.

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The most straightforward solution is already what the majority of Americans want. Single-payer Medicare for All. It would solve all these problems for once and for all. The patchworks being proposed by everyone but Sanders and Tulsi, will keep us fighting forever, while the insurance and drug companies keep profiting.

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Bernie is out there busting his ass trying to get Single Payer for us, but that’s not good enuf and say he’s too far Left, while Warren is against it and virtually tied with him in the so called Polls. We can’t even get decent Healthcare!!!