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Study Confirms Paid Sick Leave is Crucial in Fight Against Covid-19

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/19/study-confirms-paid-sick-leave-crucial-fight-against-covid-19

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How nice of Bernie to remind me of eleven “restaurants” at which I never eat and give me one major additional reason to continue my drive-by method of operation. Seriously though, the idea that paid sick leave is some form of socialism, and that argument has been made in the past, is so short sighted in normal times–because it is socialism, because society has value, even to the rich slobs who view society merely as an amalgam of consumers. The stupid, it runs deep amongst the greed.


Just as important pandemic or no for food service workers to always have sick leave. Do you want someone serving you food while they are sick because they can’t afford to take non pay sick days?


For those who think the pandemic has peaked, “Ireland on Monday imposed some of Europe’s toughest coronavirus restrictions as it went back into lockdown.”


And for 6 weeks apparently. Belgium is in a bad way too. Paris has curfew.

It is simply stunning that this topic is even up for debate given the fact that paid sick leave is what practically every advanced country in the world has except, of course, for the United States. This becomes even more exacerbated during a pandemic when workers are pressured to keep working even though, as others have pointed out, that would increase the chances that someone else might become infected. One wonders how conservatives and Trump supporters would defend this untenable position.


Bernie cites another critical issue, that could easily win this election and hand Trump over to his mob creditors. REAL life & death issues, now affecting us ALL (not just enabling pearl-clutching, wealthy liberals to virtue signal, project, pontificate or patronize with platitudes). So, he’s blatantly stomped down, yet again. And life-long FDR Democrats are slandered, belittled and straw-manned as “socialists” alt-Leftists, Rooski bots by dead-eyed kleptocrats, who stole OUR party so they could indenture, terrorize and rob us…

Together! Congress, Judiciary, media; all legal & confidential





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