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Study Confirms Tar Sands Poisoning Air in First Nations Community


Study Confirms Tar Sands Poisoning Air in First Nations Community

Nika Knight, staff writer

Confirming what a First Nations community surrounded by tar sands development has claimed for decades, new research says the reserve in northern Alberta is suffering from air pollution that is sometimes "at levels above what is recommended for human health."


The First Nations people have been saying this all along...for over a decade since the disastrous creation and expansion of the massive environmental disaster that are the tar sand operations but it takes a "study' (how much did that cost) to validate what these people know and have experienced. Take a moment and watch this TED documentary on the extent of the damage to all life, land, air, soil, water, migratory birds and wildlife, etc. and then ponder what will happen to all ponds overflowing with the toxic water/effluence from the extraction process/operations with only earthen dams to hold back their poisons: THE TRUE COST OF OIL by Garth Lentz http://www.ted.com/talks/garth_lenz_images_of_beauty_and_devastation?language=en

You will weep when you watch this. And then question why the powers that be in Canada along with their corporate partners worldwide allow this desecration of all life to continue....


Stephen Harper Prime Minister allowed it all, and more to be blessed to happened!


A friend suggested; If the fossil-fuel CEOs were treated to a Little Big Horn response, perhaps they would behave more responsibly. Personally, I believe greed blinds them to the truth that they are destroying our biosphere, and I would love to see things change for the better. What will it take? Naomi Klein's book This Changes Everything is a must-read on this topic, and she does present strategies that we would be unwise to let pass by.


If you ever drive through these poisonous areas, you will see signs along the roads that say: DANGER TOXIC FUMES. If they have to post signs like these, you have to know they are poisoning not only the First Nations people that live close by but the people that work in these oil/gas fields.


Once again corporate funded regulation enabled by corporate bureaucrats and politicians documents its depravity and anti democratic anti human intentions.
The brutality must stop.
No more corporate governance.