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Study Detailing 'Scandalous' Hospital Price-Gouging During Pandemic Proves Medicare for All Urgently Needed

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/16/study-detailing-scandalous-hospital-price-gouging-during-pandemic-proves-medicare


Is there ANY part of the U.S. left that has even a modicum of Soul?!


Oh Boy!
I get to post this again…

Ask yourself - “Do I want to pay for insurance, or do I want to pay for Healthcare?”

  • Private Health insurance Companies do not provide healthcare - They only pay the bills . For this ‘service’, they skim 20% +/- off the top for themselves, leaving less of your money for your care. Overhead for Medicare is 2% or less.

  • Private Insurance companies have no incentive to keep prices down in fact the more healthcare costs go up, the more money THEY make.

  • Private-based insurance companies make their money by DENYING Healthcare NOT by PROVIDING healthcare.

  • For Profit insurance means Less healthcare = more profit. How will that motive affect their decisions for you and your family?

  • Private-based insurance still leaves you with Corporate Death Panels . Their requirement for profit sits between you and your doctor and dictates what care is available to you, or not.

  • Private-based insurance still includes co-pays, deductibles, limits, MEDICAL BANKRUPTCY, and for most, ties you to your employer. If you lose your job, you probably lose your healthcare care.

Isn’t this a No-Brainer?



Some are and have been framing it froim the start as a once in a lifetime business opportunity, that’s what we’re dealing with. That part hasn’t changed at all.

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You’re wrong, they dont pay the bills, they dump the sickest patients when they get really sick. The taxpayers pay those bills. Taxpayers pay 2/3 of the US healthcare bills, and the insurance companies and families split the rest.

Nobody seems to realize this.

See American Public Health Association - The Current and Projected Taxpayer Shares of US Health Costs


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No Shit Sherlock. WHen they don’t pay your bills, you have described ONE of the things that can happen

Youre cherry picking the smaller slice of the pie. Their function is take your money, then to pay the bills - or not.


Are you talking about rescission? The WTO rules say that the ceilinhg on regulation is the staus quo in 1998, so that means that the changes made in the ACA are likely temporary, lets asume for the purpose of the argument ten years, if they were based on the 2010 financial services crisis… So, what that means is thet the costoly parts of the ACA will most likely vanish, leaving us back where we were before. (I have been expecting this for a long time because those changes are expensive and they violate core parts of US promoted ideology, most specifically the one way nature of progressive liberalization, standstill, etc, the capture of the autonomous level of liberalization is right at the beginning of the EU TISA mandate document so we can see from that that its important, p[particularly to the US.

So what that will mean is that people will only be able to buy health insurance if they are healthy and wealthy, or so poor they deserve help,l this will be used as a way to get people to ‘voluntarily’ leave the job market and possibly also the country. (at least for healthcare) This hides the total dysfunctional nature of US healthcare, something they desperately want to do. Also it sets us up for a so called hospital to prison pipeline for those who fail to report income or lie about pre-existing conditions. Slick, huh?

Recsission can leave people with huge bills when they can least afford them, when they are facing a life threatening illness. What happens is the policy is cancelled retroactively and they are rebilled at the uninsured rate which is oftehn several times higher. People can suddenly be presented with seven figure bills, when they thought they were insured, but everybody makes mistakes, often this happens because a doctor didn’t tell a patient that they were borderline this or that because the doctor didn’t think it was really the case in the larger context of their health, in other words, what doctors are trained to do. Not so for insurance companies looking for any possible way to dump them. So that - if my suspicion is right, will come back.

But it gets worse…

Have you ever heard of “Robodebt” or Centrelink (I think it is) in Australia?

I was born in 1949 and I my mother saved the bill for the hospital stay for my birth.
Seven day stay in the hospital for mother and baby, including necessary medications:
Total $116.00
Today it would be a one day stay at the most and would cost considerably more, even taking into account inflation.


For profit health care is unethical and immoral. Yes, it’s really that simple! Capitalism is a false promise. Materialism is an addiction. And they are both unsustainable. And it’s these falsehoods of this system that make people afraid and uncertain of change. “They want to take away your health care, your doctor, your choice.” Yeah, they want to take something away alright!


Hmmm, well, if the military actually knew how much money it wasted, or if it even knew where that money was, everyone would have cradle to grave care as part of being an American. The ancient Greek oath is ,"First Do No Harm, " but in America medical care seems to be based on cheating, lying and gouging. : (


When my daughter was born she had complications and her bill was over $14,000.00 lucky I had insurance!

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Socialism or continued barbarism! The whole damn system has got to go.


You write as though this is the future. 30 million Americans never had ACA coverage. And, the pandemic has added another 20 million to the uninsured. Millions more who had coverage had no healthcare because the premiums, co-pays, and deductibles forbid them using the policies they paid for.


We don’t need the military funds. We are already paying for National Improved Medicare for All. We just don’t get what we already pay for. The USA is first in per cap health care spending - twice what any other nation with universal coverage pays.

USA number ONE in all the wrong things.


But that money, those subsidies, go to lower the premiums and out of pocket costs of those fairly wealthy people who now can afford nongroup coverage when before they were simp0ly persona non grata even if they were rich if they had some pre-existing condition.

Since we joined the WTO and signed on to GATS we’ve had no9 other alternatives, som everything is to preserve and make the for profit system mo0re profitable and shed the unprofitable parts without being too obvious about it.

Before buying a basic HMO god forbid a PPO in Manhattan which is perhaps the most expensive area in New York State which was the only state that had guaranteed issue for everybody, cost 3500-$4500/month. This was in 2009. he ACA brought that cost down a lot because large amounts of government money was going to subsidize healthcare for poor people who could not afford to use it, like clockwork every month, that money lowered the costs for the rich a lot. This is how its designed.

NOte that a politician who wqs running ion a platifrm that implied that we could just vote,k win a huge voctory and them have single payer was not being truthful because the WTO GATS had already taken it off the table decades ago (and we were also working on more trade deals that locked it in even deeper, which will probably soon be revived)

This allowed the system to be preserved because were people of means who had preexisting conditions not helped even they could not afford nongroup health insurance now, without help, its that bad. How did they get help, through a really slick trick, which involves the ACA which unfortunately so violates the WTO rules that its almost certainly temporary, due to it being too generous and dozens of orther reasons especially the so called “stand still” or freeze it violates, but many other things, its a trade barrier in dozens of ways, so it would not possibly be WTO legal. , it was probably only allowed because of an emergency, which came along due to the “reform” of the Glass Steagall Act in 1999, as we promised the WTO it would be, in 1998, in a GATS filing made in Geneva on February 26. Its in a single line on the last page of the last appendix to the last document. .

(The ultimate goal is to set it up so they can go overseas foir care too, with the US insurers taking a huge amount of profit and the foreign healthcare providers doing the work)

The people ho matter are the influential people who might play golf on weekends with our Legislators, and lobbyists and so on.

The rest of us ARE being thrown under the bus because this system has not been affordable enough or adequate enough to a majority of US primary wage earners since the 1980s. So continuing to use this system was and remains a indefensible decision- indefensible from a human rights perspective. because GATS rigs the system so it couldn’t be fixed, and hid that, its now a crime against humanity, one within which maybe a million of us have unnecessarily died, for no reason, and everybody reading this now should be at notice of this fact. there is no statute of limitations in crimes against humanity.

The biggest problem i lack of informed consent, we’re being subjected to a cruel and murderous experiemet that wer already know cant solve the problems most people would describe as being the problems. An experiment must have a reasonable chance of success - curing teh sickness, not taking lots of money people clearly no longer have.
SO we’re being subjected to a form of abuse, by people who hold power over us, and thats a serious crime. Its also mentally questionable as it resembles something called Munchhausen syndrome by proxy, a form of dangerous even life threatening physical abuse…

"Our (particularly sadistic) system is not dysfunctional because the two fake parties couldn’t agree on anything, its dysfunctional because its been designed to be so and locked that way by an international treaty between oligarchs, not democracy, which has to all intents and purposes been hijacked, (and not by trump this long predates Trumps presence) Its designed to remain so forever, or as long as possible.

Are you familiar with the Nuremberg “Doctors Trial” and the code that came out of it, what it demands of scientists who would perform medical experiments on human subjects. Any group of human subjects (lets not forget economics is a science)

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I recently visited an undocumented family living in fear for deportation. Though they have barely anything, they offered me part of the little that they had to eat and drink. This is common. Yes there is soul, it’s just that those with soul have no power and those with power have no soul.


Angles of mercenarism

Hi W.Coyote:
But aren’t the overpricing costs really some people in government padding the cost upward, just like the military does? Besides, did anyone ever find —or was anyone ever held accountable for those missing pallets full of American dollars in Iraq?

If the US really wants to get a leg up on trade negotiations, it should bring in single payer medical care. Right now every other nation has such systems in place and employers are not saddled, as in the US, with adding medical insurance to their debit side on their financial statements. Why not have a level playing field for American companies against their international competitors?


Not to worry, Trooth -

Organized Religion is the ROOT of All Evil!!

If you doubt this, check the stats on the “spiritual” preferences of those who support presidunce Tweetle-Dumb.