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Study Details How IEA's Rosy Outlook for Fossil Fuels Is Driving World Towards Climate Disaster

Study Details How IEA's Rosy Outlook for Fossil Fuels Is Driving World Towards Climate Disaster

Jon Queally, staff writer

A new groundbreaking report out Thursday details how one of the most influential organizations in the world when it comes to the global energy system, the International Energy Agency (IEA), is holding back governments from making the necessary transition away from fossil fuels and towards the kind of rapid transition to renewables

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The IEA and the policies they advocate are literally Killing us.

Send them an email at: www.iea.org , and tell them you support renewable energy sources over fossil fuels and polluting our planet any further.


Elsewhere in the news today, Antarctica is melting from the bottom up. Seawater is separating a number of ice sheets from their groundings below sea level. Antarctica is going to raise sea levels more than Greenland.

The real problem is that the Arctic is expected to release over one trillion tons of greenhouse gases, CO2 and methane in particular. This will raise things to about 1000 ppm in CO2 equivalent greenhouse gases, up from 410 ppm now. Then the world’s granaries will have massive long-term malfunctions. The Mayan civilization simply collapsed under such a stress. Countries around the edge of the Sahara desert seem to be in a state of collapse right now.

So, you have three strategies. One is to make enough money that your descendants can buy up more food than anybody else’s descendants.

The second strategy is positive thinking – it just won’t happen if you believe hard enough. Note: this strategy didn’t work for the residents of Pompeii when Mt. Vesuvius exploded in Roman times. I’ll leave it to you whether the residents wavered too much in their positivism.

The third strategy involves sacrifice, activism and engineering. The logical positivists will of course say, “we don’t need the engineering part!!!” because actual engineering is too hard (unless you are the Pentagon, in which case you’re not completely stupid except for believing in all the ginormous worldwide witch hunts that go on for centuries).


It’s about time we had a scientific look at something we’ve known for years. It’s about time we had some tools to force this psychopathic organization to stop what it’s doing.

Thank you to Greg Muttitt and other contributors to the study, its publishers Oil Change International and the Institute for Energy Efficiency and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), and Jon Queally.

BTW, the US EIA is about as bad.