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Study Finds 5,000 People May Have Died From Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Cable News Focused on Roseanne Instead.

Study Finds 5,000 People May Have Died From Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Cable News Focused on Roseanne Instead.

Katie Sullivan, Lis Power

On Tuesday, Harvard researchers published a study estimating that approximately 5,000 deaths can be linked to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. The same day, ABC canceled Roseanne Barr’s eponymous show Roseanne after Barr sent a racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett, an adviser to former President Barack Obama. Cable news covered Barr’s tweet and her show’s cancellation 16 times as much as the deaths of U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico.


You are totally missing the point. The critique is of the US Government response to the crisis when it occurred and not what lead to that crisis.

Mr Trump went on the airwaves to take credit for the low death toll claiming that this low death toll was a direct result of the US Governments response to the emergency. He openly compared this to what happened after Katrina.

If Mr Trump claimed the low death toll due to his Governments rapid response after the Hurricane , one can not suddenly claim he had “nothing to do with the death toll” when it later found the numbers were fabricated and were in fact much higher.

Cuba is also hit by Hurricanes. They have a large public sector. The numbers killed in Cuba through the entire Hurricane season were a fraction of those that died to Maria in Puerto Rico in a single storm.


Again Cuba is Socialist. How did they manage to get the power back on for all of the people affected by Hurricanes within weeks, whereas in Puerto Rico this still not done?

As to “what your responsibilities” are, this comes down to whether you want to live in a COMMUNITY all working towards a common goal, or whether it just all about YOU as an individual.


Well what are you doing here on these boards if you care only about yourself? You are a contradiction attempting to sway others to your point of view while stating only yours matter. You benefit from and seek community yet want to pretend it does not matter.

Your type of Libertarian are in fact frauds. The underlying FREEDOM you claim to have is just to be freed of responsibility for your actions and nothing more. You are like the person living in an apartment with your music cranked up until 4 in the morning , not caring about the fact your neighbors unable to sleep because YOUR only concerns are about you.


I think the question is how are these two things compared. I assume it is a cost analysis or impact of racism. It doesn’t give any criteria really and using a Harvard study is not the first place I would look for objectivity. I think it is poorly constructed reasoning.

I’m not claiming federal support was based on racism and unless you have some economic statistics your unsustainable debt theory is unsubstantiated.

“The reason for Puerto Rico’s death toll and horrendous recovery is entirely it’s own fault. It has been the result of decades of corruption, mismanagement and bloated public sector.”

I won’t blame Trump if you can demonstrate your statement to be true. Simply saying they went through debt restructuring (similar to bankruptcy) doesn’t do that.

Speaking to the issue of fault:

“In international law, odious debt, also known as illegitimate debt, is a legal theory that says that the national debt incurred by a despotic regime should not be enforceable. Such debts are, thus, considered by this doctrine to be personal debts of the regime that incurred them and not debts of the state. In some respects, the concept is analogous to the invalidity of contracts signed under coercion.”

Sound property rights? It interesting how you do not care about community until community benefits you. Property rights come to you courtesy of COMMUNITY. There is no such thing as private property without a Government.

If I came with armed thugs to “steal your property” you would run to the Government , and by extension the community, for help.

You still haven’t proven your point. I am familiar with the information in your links.

Odious debt is this case, Puerto Rico became a U.S. territory after being a Spanish colony. The U.S. did not pay “the odious debt to Spain” that they levied on Puerto Rico. The U.S. makes provisions for P.R. like the Tax breaks that benefited the Pharmaceutical industry for billions of dollars, Puerto Rico not so much. The tax breaks ended, the pharmaceutical industry left, the local economy tanked. Who is at fault? Sounds like odious debt to me. Using the reconstruction issue, what do you get when a plan is imposed on you at a price you cannot afford.

And, yes they did make some mistakes.


Your defining community as anyone that meets a private property criteria.

Right, those pesty U.S. Citizens in Puerto Rico, demanding electricity, roads, and hospitals. They should probably figure out how to use pharmaceutical contaminated water too. Next thing you know they will have a poverty rate under 43%. A lot of people will make money on the reconstruction, it just won’t be the population there.

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Well absent any substantial ideas, I would say it is not having their own agency by commonwealth status that restricts economy more than it supports it. British commonwealth islands do quite well.

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  1. Racism
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  3. Racism…

Community can not be defined? You are reading entirely too much Ayn Rand and maggie Thatcher. There nothing “abstract” about it. The Human Species has always been a SOCIAL grouping. It is how they were able to survive against species much better equipped to survive then they are.

Human babies are not fully developed when they are born . In order to be born at the same level of development of other species, they would have to be in the womb for some 21 months. A number of studies have shown that the development outside the womb is due in great part to the social and communal makeup of our species and this exposure as infants to other members of a given tribe helped impress SOCIAL awareness on the infant as a member of that community. The Community or tribe in turn protected that baby through its infancy.

Watch a Calf being born. Within hours of its birth it can get up and walk. A human baby is not only born naked (relying on ANOTHER to provide warmth) but can not walk for the first year after birth.

The protection of said infant through virtually ALL of human history was a collective effort rather then one that relied soley on the direct parents. The Human Species ability to survive was because they acted as a collective and tribal group rather then a collection of isolated individuals just trying to pass on their genes. Primates that are isolated from the community in the wild exhibit anti-social behaviour within the same and will suffer from ill health and lowered life expectancies.

In the United States itself studies have shown that much of the depression exhibited in its population and consequent ill health is due to Social isolation and the breakdown of community. The rise in mental illness is a direct consequence of this, and with it higher use of anti-depressants and other drugs.


On and on with this corruption chant. You are willing to condemn a people to misery because you find their purported leaders were involved in corruption, and ignore the very basis of the nation’s founding principles.

The US has taken advantage of PR for decades, perhaps hundreds of years. We’ve allowed the con artists to flourish, most usually to the benefit of US corporate oligarchs. I have read your links…I think there are sound counter arguments to all of the information…which I would typify as half-truths in most cases.

But that is not the argument. Trump threw down the gauntlet, that the PR people would get everything they needed to get up and running with great speed. He has not followed through. Your argument that they shouldn’t be helped because of Freedomz doesn’t play into this.


You have been thoroughly brainwashed.

Oh bugger off with your socilaist/communist pap. You only demonstrate how you have been brainwashed by your insipid oligarchy.

People in poverty are subject to force and coercion by those with wealth each and every day. It is how the Capitalistic system works. Do you really think children chained to a bloody post in India to make shows for Nike are not coerced?

When President Arbenz was elected President of Guatemala one nof his first acts was to redistribute the lands owned by US CAPITALISTS to the poor peasants of that Country. Your CAOITALISTS did not tak kindly to that and Orchestrated a coup after which hundreds of thousands of poor people were slaughtered. They were coerced first by poverty (work for us or STARVE) and thne by direct violence (If you demand more we will kill you). Capitalism is all about coercion and the only protection the workers get from the same is when they unite and work together to demand more.

Poverty is the worst form of violence.”

― Mahatma Gandhi


This is the end result of turning to shock comedy and celebrity worship for cultural leadership.

People want to be edgy so the say the stupidest remarks possible just to provoke a response.

Both on the left and right, it doesn’t matter if it’s true, it just matters that it’s against authority.

Meanwhile climate change is real, habitat overshoot is real, overpopulation is real, yet no one seems shocked by any of that.

I find it interesting that on Commondreams whenever people don’t have any research, and rely totally on repeating dogma, they usually resort to name calling and insults.

So Suspira, what would you do with Puerto Rico if you had the power?

Rebuild it as before? More storms, larger storms, are on the way. Climate change is real.

Does everyone just go back to having more kids on Puerto Rico without considering the damage done to the environment? All vegetation was stripped and they are drinking from streams.

In fact, local decisions do play a role in the politic of a community, and while larger political forces also contribute, we can not just disappear the local causes simply to make your dogma fit.

The solution is simple. As resources run out, as habitat collapses, and more and more people become desperate to work anywhere, for any prices, it’s a simple voluntary solution that can help relieve the stress on economy and ecology.

Stop having children.