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Study Finds Right-Wing Tax Voodoo Doesn’t Work


Study Finds Right-Wing Tax Voodoo Doesn’t Work

Isaiah Poole

“The effects of state tax policy on economic growth, entrepreneurship, and employment remain controversial,” begins the abstract of a study of state tax policy just released by the Brookings/Urban Institute Tax Policy Center. But that’s only in the same sense that the statement “human activity is responsible for global warming” is kept “controversial” by people who want to keep us buying and burning fossil fuels.


It has been and will remain vacuum up economics. Of this I’m convinced.


Although right wing tax voodoo may not work for the 99%, it works like a charm for the 1%.


This just goes to show that economic theory is based upon guessing, tallying up figures that appear correct in a contemporary setting, and attempting to apply them to future scenarios. The problem seems to lie within those who insist, even in the face of contrary evidence, that their way must be followed, and who ignore the dire consequences to humanity of their ignorance and stubborn adherence to failed policies and economic models.