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Study Finds Single Payer Viable in 2018 Elections

Study Finds Single Payer Viable in 2018 Elections

Russell Mokhiber

Medicare for All is politically viable in 2018.

That’s according to a new report from Alex Panagiotopoulos and Kingston Creative.

The report is titled – Is Medicare for All Politically Viable? A Guide to 561 Congressional Candidates.

The report finds that of the 561 Democratic candidates running for the House of Representatives in 2018, 271 of them support Medicare for All or single payer. That’s 48 percent.

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“561 Democratic candidates running for the House of Representatives in 2018, 271 of them support Medicare for All or single payer. That’s 48 percent”

The DCCC DINO sellout wing - the Clinton’s, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, Cuomo, Sean Patrick Maloney, et al, that will not support either universal Single Payer NOT for profit health insurance OR reform the DP to support progressive issues and candidates to rather serve big-money.corruption, are the problem! they would rather submit on their knees than fight for the 99%!

That wing that serves big-money campaign contributor bribery would rather lose elections rather than stand-up and fight for the middle class and poor - they claim they don’t support progressive issues because they need to win, but that is a canard - the writing is on the walls but the DCCC DINO DLC establishment apparently/obviously cannot read…


A Democrat running in my district for the state legislature is supporting single payer and always puts “not socialism” in parentheses after the term single-payer. I think the fear is being labeled a socialist. I think Republicans will certainly try to put the socialism label onsingle payer. I am not sure how voters will react. No doubt the DCCC is very fearful of the socialist label. Just the term “liberal” is toxic in many places and “socialist” is even more toxic in those areas. I think 100% of Democrats are running as progressives which seems to be an electable label.

I’m sure corruption has been working overtime to ensure more profits over people Tom.

The for-profit insurance parasites must be removed from the “health-care” equation - middle-men who skim off the top serving investors and shareholders, making health care costs skyrocket for the 99% - along with corporatized hospitals, big-pharma, and other health care needs run for often obscene profits above all else, regardless the human costs in lives, misery, needs, or suffering by so many millions of Americans!

America, the land of the free - free to rob society and our collective future with a fountain pen or stethoscope…


The Democrat is running against an incumbent Republican and a good part of the district generally votes Republican. I would agree that single-payer could be called socialism but winning the election might require trying to put a different spin on it. Certainly single payer is not like the British system where the doctors are government employees. I would assume whether or not single payer actually becomes an important issue in this particular race cannot be known at this time.

Come on Mokhiber, you know know how Democrats lie, like Obama pretending to be for single-payer to get elected. Most if not all the Democrats you credit as being for single-payer are either lying, or willing to be co-opted once they get in office. They will find an excuse to weasel out of their promise, like switching support to a deceptively named repackaging of Obamacare. This will go on forever unless people stop voting for Democrats and just vote Green.


I feel it’s necessary to repeat the link to Glen Ford’s piece about how we must beware the bait-and-switch:

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Obviously you, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Corporate State Democrats will rush to label it “socialism” through saying that’s the political danger.

See how that works?

Some of us aren’t that fucking stupid.


The DNC won’t have it. Wanna bet they run Hillary again?

One more time, so that those in the nose bleed seats hear me, I want what Canada has, now.

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Since you needed to label Single Payer “socialism” once again on this thread, 2 hours later, perhaps hoping your No Labels type propaganda would work unencumbered by responses from the chicken and others…I think I’ll just repeat my response.

What the cluck.

The Chicken sez…

Obviously you, Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Corporate State Democrats will rush to label it “socialism” through saying that’s the political danger.

See how that works?

Some of us aren’t that fucking stupid.

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Or Sweden, or Finland, or Iceland, or Denmark, or Germany, or Austria or any other sane country where greedy fucking crony capitalists haven’t yet taken over nearly every aspect of governance.

And for the rest of it that does serve “the people”, well that will be handily dealt with by measures of Austerity, otherwise known as privatization of every publicly held asset.

Of the group of neoliberal income redistributors that I detest the most, it is the schmuck Joe Lieberman’s redo of the DLC, his No Labels schmuck tank.

This Chicken has aptly renamed such, aptly labeled such as…

Project for the New American Austerity

Feel free to distribute that label widely, if you so cluck.

Want proof of this? Take a few minutes to read their “issues”.


Chicken, the “extreme leftist”


But, but, but…(“centrist” echo chamber loading up another fucking excuse for them)


That’s a very interesting observation I never thought about before. Now that makes me feel less favorable towards socialism, since I HATE having to pay insurance! Right now I have an old VW beetle up on jack stands waiting for me to complete a repair, and its been like that for months, but I am still having to pay a monthly insurance fee. Even when I have it running, I only drive it occasionally, maybe a few times a year. But I have to pay this stupid insurance constantly to keep it valid to drive! Why can’t I get insurance where you only have to pay for it while you are driving, since obviously chances are slim I will run into anyone while it is on jack stands?

Wassermann Schulz is toxic.


Or Biden.

Might want to talk to you’re agent, I’ve turned vehicle ins. off temporarily before.

Maybe I can help you with you’re dislike of socialism.
Fire Departments
Police Departments
Public Schools
All forms of socialism

Try searching for insurance for rare drivers or something similar. I found www.metromile.com this way - maybe there are others.

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What the hell are Debbie Washingmachine Schultz’s and “Single Payer is Off the Table” Pelosi’s pictures doing there?


I hope that poor fool is told by someone eventually that every time s/he puts the word ‘socialist’ there it reinforces the idea that single payer is socialism, (at the same time it denies what they already know–and what it reinforces–leading to total loss of credibility). If that is a real concern in that district there’s probably nothing that could make losing more certain. A job well done by an idiot candidate who’s taking up space more deserving progressives could be occupying–that is, people who can think and know something about politics as well as being able and willing to stand up for what’s needed. (Universal health care is a necessary “war measure” for the climate mobilization we need to avoid climate catastrophe.)

Read Don’t Think of an Elephant or other works by George Lakoff.

With a party this corrupt, moronic, conservative, corporate-dependent, dishonest, treacherous, and despicable, who needs Republicans?