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Study Linking US Sanctions to Venezuelan Deaths Buried By Reuters for Over a Month

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/14/study-linking-us-sanctions-venezuelan-deaths-buried-reuters-over-month

Thank You for calling out the GATE KEEPERS ! These sanctions are an act of war-----there is no justification or these sanctions------The people of Venezuela are guilty of wanting to share in the wealth of their nation----the COMMONS .

Just look at the media right now down playing these attacks on two tankers . Usually the media would be blaring that we need to go to war-----I wonder who wants war------Saudi Arabia.


Hi illusion:
I agree, as why aren’t sanctions considered an act of war? People in Venezuela died, and if the death was due tp lack of food or medicine—you still killed them America!That seems like a real act of war.
'We the People of the United States, if order to form a more perfect union…" How far you have strayed, America, how far you have strayed away from that. : (


I was wondering how many countries are under US sanctions, it seems to be about 20. Some sactions have gone on forever, here I am thinking of the past 60 years trying to end the rule of arch-enemy Fidel Castro in Cuba. Other sanctioned countries are also relatively well known such as Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria and Venezuela. Some seem more obscure, such as Congo or Somalia (the latter is a country that the CIA elegantly destroyed over a 20-year period, as described in Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars). These sanctions should be considered acts of war and often have devastating impacts, recall Madeleine Albright stating that 500,000 dead Iraqi Children due to sanctions were “worth it”? Just because countries have leaders that refuse to be “with us,” this does not mean that they are automatically against us or terrorist nations. Starving countries because we dislike their leadership, because they refuse to allow US companies to extract their resources, or otherwise fail to do our bidding is a cruel approach to international relations.


Reuters is a right wing, corporate sponsored mainstream media outlet. I would expect nothing less than biased coverage in favour of the 1% by Reuters. I am actually surprised that they mentioned the article by Sachs and Weisbrot at all except when you see how Reuters used the article, it was in a manner that downplayed its significance. If Reuters were truly concerned about journalistic integrity, they would have interviewed the Captains of both the Norwegian and Japanese tankers. Reuters could have also mentioned that the holes in the sides of the tankers resemble the work of armour piercing hellfire missiles (possibly launched by a drone?) and not that of a mine. And of course Reuters would have pointed out that if the Iranians were targeting oil tankers, why would they send boats out to assist tankers that were allegedly damaged by these same people?
I wish progressive journalists would stop acting surprised at corporate media coverage of such acts of U.S. aggression as if the MSM had made an oversight or an accidental typo. All of these major news outlets toe the line when it comes to the Great Western Narrative. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be “mainstream” to begin with.

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