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Study Shows 300,000 US Homes at Risk, $1 Trillion Price Tag as Rising Seas Trigger Chronic Flooding


Study Shows 300,000 US Homes at Risk, $1 Trillion Price Tag as Rising Seas Trigger Chronic Flooding

Julia Conley, staff writer

Driven by the climate crisis and rising seas, coastal flooding could become a common occurrence for the owners of more than 300,000 American homes in the coming decades, according to a new study—and could have a domino effect on surrounding communities, schools, and infrastructure.


Hundreds of house already are being chronically flooded now because sea level has risen enough to do that. These homes are on the east coast and the San Diego area of the west coast. The flooding occurs during high tides associated with new and full moon. Some businesses have closed because of chronic “sunny day flooding” also called “king tides”. The “sunny day flooding” is already affecting people’s mobility. Streets are unwalkable at during the monthly or twice monthly highest tides. Parts of the Naval Academy campus is among the places flooding with these tides. It is not waiting til the end of the century.


Anyone up for a swim? No worries, they will rebuild and pass the debt to us…


This is just the beginning of the crisis humans are enmeshed in. My research indicates most predictive models are sloped toward the low end of how much melting of the polar ice is to be expected by century’s end. The rise could easily top 10-15 feet. Coastal flooding is already problematic. There are many coastal areas in the US that will feel the effects of continued global warming. The worthless leadership continues to ignore or deny the growing crisis. Sad. War is more important than saving humanity.


I would think the biggest threat is storm surge and this study only looked at chronic flooding.


Who is not at risk? What species is not at risk? What place is not at risk?

These are not rhetorical questions.

I am not aware of one place on the planet where human induced climate chaos is not occurring.

How does one put a price tag on the death of ecosystems and most, if not all life on the planet?

Money will not bring back the melting poles. You can’t eat or breath money.
Capitalism/greed are murdering the planet and yes, there are key players, the murderers who have names and addresses and they are both democrats and republicans------ thank you Utah Phillips (“The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses.”)

Almost everyone/every creature I know has been negatively impacted (if not utterly traumatized) by AGW, habitat destruction and this human induced sixth mass extinction.

My best friend is suffering from PTSD after losing her home and her pets in a climate change enhanced fire in California last year. Most of my friends have had (and some permanently debilitated from) lyme disease or other tick diseases.

I’m looking out the window as I type: I see dying trees from either invasive species, diseases induced by AGW or at present many trees are blown down/killed after yet another hurricane like/apocalyptic storm over the weekend (https://www.wpr.org/flash-flooding-closes-washes-out-roads-northern-wisconsin)

The birds are dying and of course most of us here have read about the decline in insects, bats, bees and on and on -----the seemingly endless list (it will end tragically at some point) of gut wrenching victims of human greed and stupidity.

Money will not bring back the ice melting at both poles or the species killed by humans.

I wish I could believe that we have not crossed tipping points but I see no evidence of hope that diverse (key word) forms of life on this planet will survive. Collapse—on all fronts---- is happening “faster than we thought”.

It is no comfort (for me) to hear: “the planet will go on but most life will not”.

It is a comfort to think about the death of greed, money, price tags. . . .


These home owners aren’t exactly poor they built their homes on sand and the authorities were stupid enough to issue permit after permit. These are beach homes that get washed away in the storms and rebuilt repeatedly. That’s how it was in cape code and Jersey beaches that I know of. People have no respect for the forests or ocean beaches then they are “surprised” when the homes are destroyed. Those homes should never have been permitted in the first place. Americans tend to enjoy subduing nature and encroach and sprawl into once bueautiful natural environment.


Don’t you know it’s against the law to talk about this? Real estate developers might suffer.


It’s not so much the king tides, it’s the superstorms that’ll leave a menhaden in your lingerie drawer.


Human population growth, not just greed and capitalism, is fueling the anthropogenic mass extinction event.
Every human born, especially a non-vegan human in a developed country, will be indirectly responsible for the death of trees, native flora and fauna, ecosystems, and many animals in their lifetime.
We need an urgent, honest, worldwide conversation about human overpopulation.
For all the other species on this planet, we’ve exceeded capacity, and have become the death species.


Even if trump’s mansion in Florida went underwater, he would blame it on the immigrants.


Climate System Tipping to Ice-Free Arctic


population x (consumption-regeneration) = destruction.

Scott Morton and M.P. Sharma in 2009 published a paper titled "Thermodynamic Considerations in (Human) Carrying Capacity. It does not matter what is an individuals diet. It matters how their total lifestyle affects Earth. Keep in mind that we are the fire ape, i.e., all humans cook their food. Read “Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human” by Richard Wrangham.
Morton and Sharma base carrying capacity on heat production whether that be fossil fuel burning or an electric furnace or another source. It also does not matter for what reason the heat is produced or within what economic system. Carrying capacity as little as 50 million high end fossil fuel users and as many as 3.8 billion non-fossil fuel users who are wise at all times in their use of energy. Got to ad that because with our wasteful use of resources destruction of natural resources exceeded the capacity of the natural world to replenish what we took about the year 1800 and that was with one billion of us.


Yes he would. Throwing all those illegal immigrants into the ocean is responsible for sea level rise. Didn’t you know that fact? lol


Gee, seems to be your typical post - blaming overpopulation. The problem is global warming and the biggest contributors are corporations who don’t want to heed environmental laws. The oil and gas industry are also doing one heck of a number on the planet. I really suspect that the people who post that it’s over population - over and over and over as if that’s their mission here - are employed by the polluting corporations to deflect from the real climate change criminals. It’s sociopathic - blame the victims and not the people committing the giant environmental crimes. But continue to repeat yourself like spam on climate threads. I’m just saying what it looks like.


Why on Earth do these articles keep saying the phrase “in Decades to come”, it is here now and will get bad real fast, any delay in fighting it is defeat . .we don’t have 5 years let alone ‘decades’ . .sweet creepn Jebuss . .


Storms during these super high tides are also epic. I believe some of the hurricanes in recent years in the US had this issue.


There’s a law against it in Florida.


Authorities are stupid enough? No, the know.


Miami has a report that shows which street flood on which days. Not an if, but a given. It is not surge. It is regular and predictable. Storm surge hits those up high. Lots of folks in Florida and a few other places are into normal flooding. In some countries, some places, like Bangkok, have areas which lost their surrounding land already, nice boat tour.
Florida is a flat swamp of porous limestone, filled with fresh water, which is being replaced by salt water.