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Study Shows 5.4 Million Have Lost Insurance Amid Pandemic. Progressives Note Number Under Medicare for All Would Be: 0

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/14/study-shows-54-million-have-lost-insurance-amid-pandemic-progressives-note-number

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5.4 million lost medical coverage while what, 30 million lost their jobs? So most of those jobs did NOT supply coverage.
Add to that, because of the timing of shut downs and reopenings we are primed for maximum economic and health devastation as Covid has spread far and wide with school and flu season ready to turbocharge this pandemic.
Again add to that the likelyhood of climate driven weather disasters and we have a better picture of our instability.
Why is it Cuba is fairing so much better that they can take care of their own and offer thousands of doctors to help any country in need, including US who has crushed them for over 50 years?


Join us tonight:


Medicare For All Summer Strategy Call, featuring:

Patrice Cullers, BLM Reform LA Jails

*Cathy Kennedy,*RN, NNU

Dr.Sanjeev Sriram, Social Security Works

Ro Khanna, US Congressman

Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17) is joining our massive Medicare for All Summer Strategy call next Tuesday along with three other incredible leaders in the movement for comprehensive health care reform. Rep. Khanna has been a vocal supporter and leader of Medicare for All at the national level and in Washington D.C.

To Join tonight, 5 pm PT and 8 pm ET:


This call will set the stage for the crucial work we do together to demand the response that the COVID-19 crisis requires: quality, guaranteed health care for all free at the point of service.

During the call, you’ll be the first to know about what we have in store for the summer, and how you can use your time most effectively right now to support this movement.

To make sure you don’t miss it, we recommend adding the event to your calendar if you haven’t already.

This call will ensure that we’re all on the same page about what needs to be done to move the needle on Medicare for All.

COVID-19 has laid bare that our health care system is in dire need of reform — and that it’s time for Medicare for All now more than ever.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to make the case for guaranteed health care and bring more people directly impacted by this crisis into our movement. But it will take all of us to do it.

We’re not just fighting for Medicare for All , Giovanna. People of color in the US face disproportionate lack of health care, which has contributed to the massive racial disparities of COVID-19.

One of the best ways to fix some of the injustices of this pandemic and our health system as a whole is by making sure that everyone, no matter what, is guaranteed free health care. But to do that, we have to get organized now.

We’re counting on you to join this call and to be part of this historic moment with us so mark your calendars for Tuesday, July 14th, at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

See you then,

Max Cotterill
Nurses’ Campaign for Medicare for All


Step 1: Destroy the Republican Party
Step 2: Destroy the Corporate Democrats
Step 3: Find the next Henry Wallace / Bernie Sanders


Keep in mind we are talking about a NATIONAL, SINGLE-PAYER, HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN: NO co-pays, NO deductibles based on what our income is rather than the greed of insurance companies and Big Pharma.

Let’s all join as the CD gang


I think this article is completely missing the reality that for most of those adult workers who lost insurance when losing a job, there was a spouse and a kid or two who also lost coverage. The number should surely be at least twice as high as the 5.4 million cited. Perhaps 11-12 million. And this during a pandemic when getting ready access to affordable primary care is critical to the health of the whole society.


I would prioritize getting rid of Trump and then breaking the power of the duopoly. Not going to be easy but it is necessary and we need to know we will have to organize and agitate as if this were early 20th C and things have only gotten worse as we face 2 existential threats along with a pandemic of coronavirus and hate.


Find the Dem operatives responsible for the Primary coup against Henry Wallace, put them on a well publicized posthumous trial and bury them again ignominiously with stakes through where their hearts should have been.


Actually, that’s pretty accurate. The majority of jobs lost were indeed in the service sector, and the majority of the service sector is made up of temp, gig, and 1099 workers, who are not even offered benefits. The rest of the service sector workers are offered benefits, but are often so expensive that they cannot afford to take part.
It has been written that only about half the jobs created since the post 9/11 recession even offer benefits anymore. The old dynamic of being on an employers group health plan is dying.


The state must keep people - the citizenry - in turmoil and as wage/debt interest slaves, always on edge and struggling to assure (they think) the continued dominance of the 1% and subservience of the 99%, enforced by their now highly militarized police agencies.
Gotta keep those radicals in their place!

The study and deployment of psy-ops tactics and weapons in American cities is well-established and the techniques employed are a threat to the health, safety and well-being of all people, except perhaps for the 1% who feel secure in their gated communities; all others are deemed threats to established order, especially the protests against such military police executions, repression, sowing fear and danger at every opportunity, killing and harming Americans at will who seek to use the guarantees of the US Constitution as a guide in altering the established order of crony corruption, usury, financial frauds and robbery, and overt theft of resourses from the public - from The Commons the Common Good - to the 1%.

Refusing and undermining Universal not-for-profit health care insurance is a central case in point - a refusal both political parties are dedicated-to stopping!.

When the people see they can - and have the right to create change that is a serious threat to the PTB and the goons called police, now very military and trained to attack, punish and kill if their demands for instant subservience is not complied with! Killing with impunity is not a reality they will end until forced by millions in the streets!

~https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jul/14/us-police-sound-weapon-protests How militarized police goons harm the public exercising their First Amendment rights!


The next Henry Wallace may be Alex Morse running against neo-liberal democrat scumbag Richard Neal in MA Dist. 1.

Recall that Neal stopped the surprise medical billing law that was sure to past when his hedge fund capital vulture pals paid him off.

Neal, as Chairman of the ultra powerful Ways and Means Committee, also stoned walled getting Trump’s tax records out of hiding. Now too late to effect 2020 election.

Would link to Alex Morse’s campaign but CD shot its self in the foot by stopping clickable links. Find Alex, send him some money.


The simple fact that neither party (both of which are actually one and the same) will support such a basic humanitarian program such as M4A is proof that the USA is a plutocracy. The so-called politicians who are supposed to represent the citizens only serve their corporate masters who have installed a health care system that can only be likened to a mafia protection racket. Voting for either of these two corporate oligarch parties is complete insanity at this point. Massive general strikes and boycotts are the only response left that may have some possibility of changing the system to actually serve the citizens. But even that is likely too late as things are collapsing exponentially now. The whole system is designed to let you die while taking all the money from who as you do. And the USA has the gall to call itself the most humanitarian and exceptional nation in the history of the world. What a bunch of fucking nonsense and lies.


I’m all for Medicare for All. But you see, @zed has informed us that because of the GATS agreement (or is it TRIPS, whatever that is?), we are not legally allowed to implement that. At least I think that is what he is saying. I am trying to get from him a nice succinct summary of what he is saying but so far no dice. Maybe he can be so kind as to join the zoom thing you mentioned, and ask Ro Khanna about this, sigh!

Not to Worry Warmonger Joe will be on the job soon.

Oh Wait, Mr Biden is more interested in protecting the FOR PROFIT Insurance Companies than the American people.

Joey Baby is probably the Biggest Recipient of Large Corporate Donations than any other Congressman in the last 50 years.

We can expect absolutely Nothing from Greedy Joe except more Endless Wars and Government Of By And For The Corporations.

You cannot get me to vote for the Lessor of 2 Evils, because honestly it is impossible for me to tell which candidate is more Disgusting and Dangerous, Trump the Insane Bigot or Biden the Senile Warmonger?

Looks like I will be voting Green Again.


I think the answer is for the biggest, most dangerous, greediest, banana republic on the planet to join with, and learn from, the civilized nations on the planet how to care for their own people, and to stop raping the environment and persecuting others around the world to support their own greed!
** What a wonderful world this could become!


HEY! – Jayapal and Sen. Bernie Sanders – your tweets and quickie interviews ain’t cutting it. Based on your actions I do not believe your dialogue is sincere.

During the entirety of the Biden “unity” task force you DID NOT EVEN MENTION MEDICARE-FOR-ALL - NOT ONCE.

“On health care, the task force led by Sanders appointee and Washington Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and Biden appointed former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy called for the establishment of a “high-quality public option plan” that is administered by the government and not private companies, but steered clear of mentioning or advocating steps towards Medicare for All.”

DNC, sell your bullshit elsewhere.


There is every reason to believe that a GATS-based challenge to M4A would lose in court.
And you do see how a President can walk out of trade agreements and treaties pretty easily, right?
US respect for such agreements and international bodies of law is selective as hell.


In the midst of all this, Trump and his Republican party want to gut the affordable care act that would have tens of millions more without health care. And still, tens of millions vote for these soulless demons to be their representatives; so I guess maybe some get what they deserve.

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I enjoy your posts and learn from them. Thank you.

But I’m curious. What do you think will improve once Biden is elected?

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“Democrats must lead.”. When donkeys fly