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Study Shows Being Rich Buys 9 Extra Years of 'Healthy' Living in US and UK

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/15/study-shows-being-rich-buys-9-extra-years-healthy-living-us-and-uk

Hope they choke on it.

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Well to be fair the 99% has a way of shrinking the life expectancy gap between us and the 1%…Pitchforks and guillotines any one?


The conclusions here in no way address nor account for the lower access to fresh fruits and vegetables needed for good digestion and health, nor the higher exposure to industrial waste and environmental toxins that less affluent communities currently receive in homes, schools, and jobs. Wealthier people may have advantages in earlier discovery of potential disease, but they also have more intervention that can undermine their healthy wellbeing over longer periods of time.

In women’s health through the 20th century, it was an advantage to longevity when people in closer, more intimate families and communities support each other in childbirth and child-raising, as well as in care of aging parents and family members.

With environmental degradation and displacement from the floods, fires and storms of climate disruption, people with more reserves of health & wealth may be able to adapt to a certain degree better than those with less reserves. But if resource-and-wealth inequality and deteriorating infrastructure are not soon addressed adequately, any perceived advantage of wealth will likely attract attack from desperate masses. As the rule of law continues to deteriorate, being wealthy will predetermine lower life expectancy.

The extreme gap that the political class has set up for the wealthiest corporatist capital-hoarders no longer allows the majority of workers worldwide to make adequate wages to meet their current needs, let alone future ones when they are too incapacitated to do such jobs. So suicide rates are climbing, even in such socially agreeable and essential jobs as fire-fighting. This is exaggerating these results of the richest appearing to live longer.


I would like to see this study expanded to Countries where the Wealth inequality not so high. Of the Western Countries the UK and the USA both have higher GINI numbers than a place like Denmark (we speak of income here) or Japan

Denmark 25.30
Japan 29.90

UK 34.40
USA 41.50

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'The gulf between rich and poor which divides the Family of Man is an invitation to agitators, subversives, and aggressors. It encourages the ambitions of those who desire to dominate the world, which threatens the peace and freedom of us all". - John F. Kennedy


Heck, if we can’t even vote out non-performing incumbents who’s gonna take the time to build a guillotine?

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"Starvation wages, bad for workers, helps the super rich literally drain their life force so that they can live longer lives."

In short: the wealthy are parasites.


Well I can handle the woodworking, I guess I need to team up with someone who’s good with metalwork and start a business. I suspect after a few heads have rolled, the peoples vote would become much more important.

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Hello Jessica Corbett and Everyone,
Good luck with the scum of the universe/multi-verse ruling this “GOD FORSAKEN ROCK” ever doing anything for their lessers. In 2019 the top 500 added to their income 17 TRILLION DOLLARS or an average of 34 BILLION DOLLARS EACH in just 1 year! I don’t think that this will be the largest amount that the top 500 will receive in future years!

Hello ReconFire,
There is a cable tv show called “Forged in Fire” which has had over 100 episodes in which 4 people are competing to be the weekly Forged in Fire champion. Plenty of experienced metal workers to choose from.

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They don’t have to be that good, you could use a lawn-mower blade weighted with a 5-gal. bucket of cement. You’ll want to put a tarp down, though.

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I scanned the study, and it looks like the article misrepresents the results somewhat. The study broke up the study population into thirds by income. So the “wealthy” are the top 33 1/3%, a long way from what most of us think of as wealthy. Also, there is only half the gap between the “wealthy” and the middle third.

I’ve looked at life expectancy by Bay Area zip code. There is a steep rise from the poorest zips to the middle, but not a big rise thereafter. And there are some very, very wealthy people. If their wealth was redistributed, it would raise the average life expectancy.

If you compare life expectancy with per capita GDP by country, there is a similar relationship. There is a steep rise in life expectancy until per capita GDP reaches about $30,000. There is little or no rise above that.

There’s no question that the US could eliminate poverty completely. But Free Market forbid! What would we do without our millions of hungry children?

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One reason richer people might live longer is that they are more likely to value good health as being essential for their long term happiness. So the health conscious rich choose to eat better food and avoid tobacco smoke and and other toxins and alcohol excess. Although such choices are not prohibited from being adopted by all people it seems that the majority of us, don’t. Whether it is because of job unhappiness or inadequate income or a multitude of other possible stresses and hazards, we don’t seem to see our irreplacable good health as having the same gravity.

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I would say this is true. A good example of this would be my father who is 90 and really shouldn’t be alive with the amount of alchol abuse and poor diet . He had a health scare around 14 years ago which kind of woke him up. Now doesn’t drink and watches his diet .
He definitely is not wealthy by any means .Never really been interested in things of the outside materialistic world .He likes poetry ,reading ,walking and his grandchildren.
Live simply so others may simply live…

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There’s a great book that looks into all the statistics around Inequality .
It’s called the Spirit Level.
It proves what you say …

Often the habits that make one poor contribute to poor health and lower life expectancy.

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I read somewhere that even if all wealth was equally distributed among the population, within 3 generations the same stratification we have always experienced would be back.

Lives in capitalist US and UK are measured as return on investment (ROI). Simply put, the out of work, under employed middle class (now the middle poor) and the poor poor are expendable as they have no economic value to the elites. The greatest fear among the elites is giving back some of the trillions (ROI) they have harvested from the aforementioned.

Being rich also means that they don’t have to tear up their bodies performing the labor that is expected of them by their employers. Now please tell me again why OSHA is bad for America?