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Study Shows Corporate Cable Networks Largely Ignoring FCC Plan to Kill Net Neutrality


Study Shows Corporate Cable Networks Largely Ignoring FCC Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

Jake Johnson, staff writer

NBCABC, and CBS have devoted just over two minutes combined to net neutrality since FCC chair Pai unveiled his plan to scrap the rules


Of course they are, elimination of Net Neutrality benefits corporate cable, who have been steadily losing subscribers because of new media like the internet.


They are ignoring the plan because they no longer feel any duty to keep the citizens informed as to what is important to them. The ‘free’ air waves are free to the extremely wealthy only.


What’s new, they never did before care for the people of America, only for their money


Join the fight to save net neutrality:


The end of small business. The end of competitiveness and a level playing field. Capitalism will stifle itself to death.


Both Clinton and Obama were complicit in the Right Wing takeover of the media. Now they are rich while the Democratic Party wastes away. It will be along time before this can be corrected. Now cable is gearing up for war with Korea. Big ratings and money. Only voices for war are heard. I saw a General bubbling about all the “hardware” that was being moved there. He happily said War next summer is inevitable.


Totalitarian military empire is not ignoring — It is concentrating on destroying.


Summer is the fighting season for sniveling coward generals.

It is the growing season for brave humans.


At least we can fight to make sure it doesn’t stifle us out with it.


Yeah no, sorry but Net Neutrality was to safeguard the pre-2015 state of the internet by keeping it exactly he same as it was. The repeal is just giving the greenlight to ISPs, who Pai himself is paid off by and used to be a part of, to restrict whatever innovation competes with them. Maybe if we didn’t live in a monopoly the repeal of Net Neutrality wouldn’t be so bad but we do and as with radio and TV we have seen that when you give monopolies power to consolidate a media, the media becomes horrible and broken.


To Comment at the FCC (yes this is a real link from John Oliver), and will get you through the byzantine click sequence put together by the FCC to make it impossible for you to actually comment –
Comment on Net Neutrality at the FCC



And to let this issue get known to your congresspeople, because this repeal will likely be challenged and taken to congress, use the previously listed battle for the net link. https://www.battleforthenet.com/