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Study Shows Even 'Moderate' Consumption of Red and Processed Meats Increases Risk of Colon Cancer

Study Shows Even 'Moderate' Consumption of Red and Processed Meats Increases Risk of Colon Cancer

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Eating even "moderate" amounts of red and processed meat increases the risk of colon cancer, according to a new study of nearly half a million adults in the United Kingdom.

The field of epidemiology has a long history of totally botching nutrition health studies. Epidemiology is good at measuring single-vector problems, like the dispersion of a virus in a population. It sucks at dealing with the myriad confounding factors found in nutrition health. This is the same discipline that has told us for over 30 years that eating fat makes us fat, and the resultant increase in sugar and carbohydrate intake has given us the obesity and diabetes epidemic.

So what IS the major reason for the rise in obesity and diabetes?

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I am not a doctor, but my anecdotal perspective is: CORPORATE FOOD; HIGH STRESS; AND LACK OF EXERCISE…


Man, I’m really glad that I started a vegan all plant-based diet 3 months ago.

It was hard for about two weeks, getting use to no meat or dairy, but as a small child my mother always had 2 or 3 vegetables plus a potato dish with our evening meal, so, it was easy to love having more veggies.

I’ve dropped 13 pounds already.

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Common Dreams says you’re new here and that this was your first post.

Welcome aboard!

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I think it’s High Fructose Corn Syrup mostly. Probably some of the additives too.


Crap, so much for my no carbs diet. That’s ok, I can give up red meat much easier than I can give up carbs.
My Doc told me to lay off the carbs a couple of months ago.

Exactly, it’s a product that our bodies were never designed to deal with, because of that, our bodies don’t know how to process it. Years ago I read a report produced by a doctor who also claimed it was very addictive, one of the main reasons it was invented. You’re body, without you realizing it, craves it.

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Is it true that cattle go to market before age two? Is it true that bovine spongiform encephalopathy can not be detected until cattle are over age two? Am I wrong about that?

There are a number of articles out that talk about what a poison HFCS is.
I try hard to not ingest any of it. But it’s hard to do.


Eat Mor Chikin

The meat is tormented.